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  1. Zanthros

    Info ThumperDC/TheWindowsForum - Red alert!

    Figured it was time to pony up. Donated $10 USD. Thanks for all the good work!
  2. Zanthros

    W7 booting with an NVMe problem

    The biggest problem that I had was the disc would clone and when I would go to boot from the clone the drive is not seen by the bios. I can only conclude that because the z77 board does not support Nvme except via a modified bios and the Samsung 970 pro is on an interface card I will not be able...
  3. Zanthros

    W7 booting with an NVMe problem

    I feel your pain. I was able to install my Windows 7 on a Plextor m8pe after modifying the bios on a z77 gigabyte board and it works great! I had a similar problem though when I went to go clone it to a Samsung 970 pro him to drive and there was no way it was going to work there was also a...