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  1. J

    Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

    Does your CPU support the SSE4.2 instruction set? Even a system from just over a decade ago MAY NOT work.
  2. J

    July and August Windows Updates Blocking Flash Completely

    Do I understand correctly that the update for October for Server 2012 (KB5006732) and for 8.1 does NOT have the Flash removal component?
  3. J

    Hi, Everyone!!! Jason here from Canada, eh?

    Hello Jason. I'm also from the Great White North
  4. J

    July and August Windows Updates Blocking Flash Completely

    Thanks Wonder Woman. I've checked many of these, but I'll review again. I really appreciate the time you took. It appears the August updates remove Flash too. For now, I'm holding off on updates.
  5. J

    July and August Windows Updates Blocking Flash Completely

    Yeah Ruffle and Flashpoint seem interesting, but with a lot of overhead (.NET and Visual C++), and I'm only looking to run locally installed flash files and executable flash games. So website compatibility is not an issue for me. So if I install this update, and then I try to install an older...
  6. J

    July and August Windows Updates Blocking Flash Completely

    As of July 2021, all of the new security only updates for Server 2012 (including KB5004294 and KB5004960) now will remove the Adobe Flash Component from Windows 8.1. (Full disclosure - I use the original Windows 8 with Server 2012 updates from the Microsoft Catalog, but it's the same...
  7. J

    Windows 8 Why do people hate Windows 8?

    Well, if you're just using the desktop - and you're not planning to use the Metro apps or the touch environment at all, Windows 8 does provide some benefits over Windows 8.1 that are as follows: There are no known telemetry updates in Windows 8 that plague both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1...
  8. J

    Wow. I'm at the home of the original Dad joke... What does 1+1=

    Welcome. I have developed a penchant for dad jokes :)
  9. J

    Hi Folks

    Just saying hello. I use Windows 8 on an HP xw8600 workstation. Looking forward to great exchange of ideas and technical conversation. Cheers All, Jody