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  1. Lifetron

    How much RAM do you need?

    I have a machine with 8GB & another with 6GB until I decide to reside somewhere and make new machines from all the old parts, but I use every bit of that RAM often, so I would say get 64GB minimum on a new computer if you really love your computer. I think we want as much of our stuff as...
  2. Lifetron

    Windows Update blow Outlook Search

    Windows identifies itself as a virus. Unable to shut down
  3. Lifetron


    Windows 11 is a little bit better than Windows 10 so if you want the laptop then buy it. For me I'm still back at Server 2012/XP when I use Windows.
  4. Lifetron


    I am really confused why it is assumed that newer versions of Windows have improved security features or updates? Windows has never been secure and still is not.
  5. Lifetron

    Help with driver genius install ?

    Find out exactly what hardware you have with some kind of system information tool and download the drivers yourself. If you can't make that work Driver Pack Solution can work, but really, Windows 10 sucks & Driver Genius is only good for identifying your hardware or possibly getting the correct...
  6. Lifetron

    Windows 11 There's a Gotcha, There's Always a Gotcha

    I hate Windows 10 and was not able to tolerate it for more than a day and a half. I want to try Windows 11 because I have always beta tested developer releases until Windows 10. Is it just the Home Edition that requires connectivity and an account?
  7. Lifetron

    The Best Media Player

    I've never experienced performance problems (lag, or conflict) with K-Lite Codec pack. I agree with you in theory that it could be better to install the Codecs one at a time as needed, but in reality this is unusual. I only suggested K-Lite because IMO it is a good alternative for people who...
  8. Lifetron

    The Best Media Player

    Simply use older versions of VLC or K-Lite Codec pack.
  9. Lifetron

    Microsoft to end Windows 10 support on October 14th, 2025

    What is "Windows Universal?" You are being sarcastic right?
  10. Lifetron

    Windows 8 Why do people hate Windows 8?

    Vista was an overzealous attempt at completely overhauling the kernel for hardware that did not yet exist and in fact never existed until Vista became extinct. As much as people might be horrified by the reality because of its bad PR, refined versions of Vista are still what folks are using. XP...
  11. Lifetron

    Windows 8 Why do people hate Windows 8?

    Windows 8/Server 2012 is night and day faster than any windows since XP and especially Windows 10. There were no real excuses in this thread for hating Windows 8. There is no way Windows 7 compatibility is a significant problem in corporate environments, they simply don't know what they're...
  12. Lifetron

    Glad To Be Here

    Hello everyone. I've been a hardcore Windows nerd since 2004, reinstalling constantly, fixing and building old computers for others etc... I've been away from doing these things for a couple years and I hate Windows 10, but I need to get back on Windows and making music, videos, and multimedia...
  13. Lifetron

    Windows 8 Why do people hate Windows 8?

    It's incredible because Windows 8 and especially Windows Server 2012 is by far the best performing Windows since XP. There is no reason to hate it and it is drastically superior to Windows 10. I don't know what compatibility difference there would be because if Windows Vista/7 didn't break your...