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    Keep Getting Notice of Action under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

    I am not sure whether you have looked around for free a VPN, most are slow mainly because they are giving it for free. However, there is one I used quite a while ago and the speed wasn't too bad. It was called PRIVADO Not sure whether you have looked for a free service, but have a look at...
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    Chat about Microsoft backing down on strict rules regarding running win 11

    Just been reading in a magazine that there are reports of Microsoft is backing down and will allow older machines (from a certain age) to install windows. I have attached the article so anyone can have a read. If it is correct then TPM and safe boot may no longer be an issue with win 11...
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    Cannot remove HIDDEN attribute from external hard drive

    Well DVDR_Dog, I appreciate your advice however, I either have a permanantly hidden disk or some software I have used in the past has done this. To clarify the situation. I have an external disk which is now about 3 months old, bought new and is 1TB is size. It's used to backup the boot...
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    Cannot remove HIDDEN attribute from external hard drive

    OK Thanks for that, I forgot about Easus for a start and if that doesn't work I will have a look, at the others. Will let you know and once again, Thank you. Oldgeek
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    Cannot remove HIDDEN attribute from external hard drive

    I am having a problem trying to remove a 'hidden' attribute from an external disk. It does not have a switch to prevent it being written to, nor is there any way that Diskpart seems to be able to remove it. Tried using similar approach under DOS or CMD but no joy. So, I have come to the...
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    Speed up win 11 slow file explorer

    One way of speeding up Windows 11 File Explorer I have found is by using a program called StartAllBack. It provides the old context menu and explorer if you leave it at default settings and this overcomes any lag experienced by the file explorer. Incidentally, before I put this on, it got...
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    I am not sure whether anyone noted that Windows 11 have made all their folders display icons and not thumbnails. Just a little help for anyone who wants to change them back, the attached file may assist. Oldgeek
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    Flexnet and Lag Affect in Win 11

    Yes one of the first things I had done, along with the startup and Processes as well but it was only hiding in the two directories, one in the Program Data and the other under "flexnet" in the appdata/roaming directory. As far as DNS goes, don't seem to be suffering any problems with that and I...
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    Flexnet and Lag Affect in Win 11

    Yes you are right and is why I contacted Flexera themselves. They did indicate that while their software took care of licencing amongst other things, they said it was unusual to be found where only a single licence was in use, they indicated that usually it involves 50 licences or more...
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    Flexnet and Lag Affect in Win 11

    There is a file from a company called Flexera that usually sends out something in free software but I can't think of the name but if anyone can find a folder called Flexnet On their windows 11 computer and experience lag when stepping out of a folder(s) I found that removing the software after...
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    Open WRT any help?

    +Have you seen the vid on YouTube? I also had one of the same modems which I wanted to connect to a different system in the UK but had to upgrade the firmware. A bit difficult to understand at times, I think he has a speech impediment or like me No teeth!! The link is; Best of luck...
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    Quick Fix for Slow Internet in Windows 11

    Not sure whether you have had something about this before but there was something mentioned in this article that mentioned slow internet and AMD. May not be connected but worth a peep. oldgeek
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    Windows 10 Task View Action

    +I have had a look through the forums and can't seem to find any mention of this but it has a bit to do with privacy and it is something I have not seen anywhere else. Now the task view in essence is supposed to be able to allow you to call back any active screen you may be using at the time...
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    Microsoft confirms installation issues in Windows 10 updates 8/19/2019

    Would totally agree with you there, we have been putting up with these errors that strangely enough don't seem to occur so often on other OS and whatever fixes they put out tend to be 100% correct (apart from apple occasionally) but that's another story.
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    Windows 11 Installation without TPM / secure boot

    Unfortunately it didn't work, both methods they suggested failed so back to the 0riginal plan and try 1337x Oldgeek
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    Windows 11 Installation without TPM / secure boot

    Thank you for your hint, I think I shall try this one out first and see how it behaves, I have all the necessary backups so it wont be a great loss if it fails to stand. Oldgeek
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    Windows 11 Installation without TPM / secure boot

    Thank you for your "referral", how have you got on with your updates for win 11? Oldgeek
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    Copying a larg file

    For what my comment is worth, if I have large files, some bigger than you want to transfer, I usually make use of Easus and do it as a file backup and then restore onto a new disk. It has never failed me as yet. Of course you can always use something else but just saying... Oldgeek
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    Windows 11 Installation without TPM / secure boot

    Hi, My first post in this site so bare with me. I have windows 11 running on the laptop I have as asustek were sensible enough to update the machine with a firmware update to enable Windows 11 to be installed. However, as my main machine, a desktop one, indicates it does not have TPM but...