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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Activation !

    Here is what I use - check it out... and 100% better then KMS Pico. this gives you a permanent Digital Windows Activation. others which do the same Warez links are not allowed here
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    MICROSOFT Office PRO Plus 2016 v16.0.4266.1003 RTM

    usually Office is only good after Activation. either you buy a key or google "KMS" and let KMS Activate your office.
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    Windows 10 Pro (x86) Product Key

    hwidgen will give you permenant Activation if you need a key to install look in Prod.ini all key listed are install keys.
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    Windows 10 180 days on license

    Actually there is a program called HWIDGEN (googl it) which will give you a genuine permenant OEM License. works all editions version of Windows 10 except LTSC
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    Any Thoughts on This?

    URLhaus Database You are currently viewing the URLhaus database entry for which is being or has been used to serve malware. Please consider that URLhaus does not differentiate between websites that have been compromised by hackers and such...
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    uTorrentPatch [SpeedUP DL speed]

    Wow, added utorrent speed, delete a old movie, and started WOW yes, Max Speed
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    stuck at just a moment screen

    agree turn off wifi and boot to Bios on a restart, depends if laptop (shutdown hold power button 3 s) remove battery, unplug, press and hold power button for 60s. Your DEAD now. plug in power cord, press on button and press F2 (or other if your bios is not on F2). this forces you into bios...
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    Microsoft office pro plus 2016 not fully installing on Windows 10.

    As with all any software, Disable your AV first, many AVs hinder or stop completely the installation of Programs
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    KMSpico 10.1.8 FINAL + Portable installing issues

    really depends on what you are trying to do with it... if you are actived then it has nothing to do. if your RETAIL version is has nothing to do you have to convert to VL.
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    I recommend you Download the FREE version from MS. Never use Torrents or other unless your 1000% sure of the source. MS will allow you to DL FREE, then you can add your KEY after install to Active, further if you have any remnants left in you system, I use Revo to clean all. Reboot to insure...
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    The Best AV 1st is YOU, do not go where your not sure, and Common sence. next I use only WinDefender furnished by MS (FREE) with you OS. set it allow notifications, and follow the instructions. I only use WinDefender and I recommend all my Clients use only the same....
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    stuck at just a moment screen

    If not a bios issue then as Dell has issues on several upgrade/updates, recommend you insert a Bootable USB, then turn off computer, restart and your Dell should auto see the Bootable USB and let you then upgrade/update the OS that way. hopefully you have a USB version that will allow upgrade...
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    Windows 10 upgrade primary HDD find windows key

    You need not worry about Windows Key it will auto Activate with what you original version was. If you upgrade like from Home to Pro, once your installed and Activated - simply use the same KEY and upgrade via the Upgrade method - and MS will auto upgrade to Pro and Activate. As for Office, I...
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    Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Windows

    My Favorite which unless I missed it. Win key + X - programs features, power options, event viewer, system, device manager, disk management, command prompt x2, taskmanager, control panel, file explorer, search, run and Desktop
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    Trojan Remover 6.8.3

    The patch does work ... but must be placed in the proper folder - install folder - then run... and it must patch both files.... has been tested an will backup both files. 1. Rmvtrjan.exe.BAK and 2. Trjscan.exe.BAK if both are not patched then the program reverts to 30 day trial.... the...
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    Trojan Remover 6.8.3

    Download the file from here, also from heet and pirate bay.... total removeal of by 100% clean uninstaller and all reg files.. it will show 100% on 1st run.... but after a reboot it is 30 day trial... have tested the patch. same thing - also test the crack.. same thing. 30 day trial.. is all...