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  1. jamvaru

    Is Windows Defender Your Primary A/V?

    i like comodo most of the others i've tried hype their payware too much and they also seem to be gimped by 'material design' or touchphone design maybe like made for children or by children
  2. jamvaru

    How to Activate GodMode in Windows 10

    I tried going back to windows xp. the 'black' version at least made it bearable, but it really is ancient now, dated. There are lots of ways to use linux to make it look like windows if that is necessary. Thank goodness they wised up at MS and made windows licenses a permanent thing (meaning no...
  3. jamvaru

    Need Help With an Odd Format

    oh btw, stop using google; you should know better by now, seriously try ddg, duckduckgo perhaps a link? lest you have to google it, lol
  4. jamvaru

    Need Help With an Odd Format

    here's a good link, lol: u disk - Buy Cheap u disk - From Banggood If you want to buy cheap u disk, choose u disk from It endeavors to provide the products that you want, offering the best bang for your buck. Whatever u disk …
  5. jamvaru

    Need Help With an Odd Format

    always with the amazon, suspicious i use anything but amazon, except maybe walmart, but sometimes maybe amazon maybe as a very last resort i'll gladly pay more to not use amazon
  6. jamvaru

    Windows 10 upgrade primary HDD find windows key

    The clone idea is the best. You can use free software like 'clonezilla' to do this (burn to a cdrom or dvdrom or usb as needed). [When cloning be sure to remove extra unneeded data like videos and music, etc. to reduce the size of the cloned partition to under the size of the new HDD or SSD.]...
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    is here ;}