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  1. hacxx

    IPRoyal Pawns - Sell your unused internet bandwidth - Earn $2 per 10GB

    It has to be a very profitable thing. Even cracking accounts using OpenBullet won't pass if you install k9 web protection.
  2. hacxx


    Welcome to the forum.
  3. hacxx

    Kerio Conect 9

    2030, plenty of time.
  4. hacxx

    Aomei partition assistant download is a Ulthar.A!ml Trojan?

    If you don't trust install in a virtual machine.
  5. hacxx

    Looking for clean MS Office 2021 Pro Plus

    Have you tried searching on torrents?
  6. hacxx

    Hacxx Private Premium Proxies - Free Proxies

    No, no. If you install PacketStream you can earn money for sharing your ip. After 5 or 6 payments (Minimum $5), you are upgraded to pro and you will not have anymore money. All the earnings you make with your referrals is deposited on your balance and you can use to spend on proxy traffic. The...
  7. hacxx

    IPRoyal Pawns - Sell your unused internet bandwidth - Earn $2 per 10GB

    You can use IPRoyal Pawns and is safe. Having a updated antivirus and firewall is enough. The reason that you are saying is about fraud, specially click-fraud. This type of things can be blocked easily by blocking ad networks and popular commerce sites with k9 web protection. If you don't know...
  8. hacxx

    Hacxx Private Premium Proxies - Free Proxies

    Get Private Premium Proxies by country and type for free. If you want to become a proxy and support this project then install PacketStream - http://bit.ly/Packet_Stream (You can make money by sharing your internet connection) Download 1: http://j.gs/19214853/hacxx-private-premium-proxies...
  9. hacxx

    Internet search and website opening issues with several browsers on Windows 10 OS Windows 10

    Try Brave Browser, http://bit.ly/better_than_internet_explorer If you get dns error, try a different site or browser.
  10. hacxx

    IPRoyal Pawns - Sell your unused internet bandwidth - Earn $2 per 10GB

    IPRoyal Pawns is an app that allows you to make money online by sharing parts of your internet bandwidth. IPRoyal Pawns pays you $2 per 10GB of data shared, so you can make money from home simply by running the IPRoyal Pawns app on your computer. Features: Make money with your unused internet...
  11. hacxx

    Besides deleting programs, what else can I safely delete on my C drive, to free up space?

    There is multiple ways. Have you tried compressing all dll and exes with UPX?
  12. hacxx

    Everyone should try this one

    Yes it's true. You can't create a folder.
  13. hacxx

    Brave Browser Discussion

    Brave Browser has no ads, has a way for people to make money and is secure at some point. Chromium based which means you won't find any difference between Brave and Chrome.
  14. hacxx

    Just wanted to say "Hello" to everyone.

    Welcome to the forum.
  15. hacxx

    wps office

    Use my torrent search engine, send me a pm.
  16. hacxx

    Power Modes

    It depends on what you are doing, balanced mode is good if you are playing a game which needs more resources and then you switch to word which takes less resources.
  17. hacxx

    Windows 7 DCS (Debug Only Window)

    Run a antivirus scan.
  18. hacxx

    Hello / Servus from Germany

    Welcome to the forum.
  19. hacxx

    Hi All...

    Welcome to the forum.
  20. hacxx

    HELP! Network Infected

    1 - Unplug your router from electricity 2 - Plug a cable to the router 3 - Change wifi password 4 - Done