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    Windows Update Service - how to disable?

    I think the problem is you, because I have read and reread all of these posts twice and here is what I get out of you: - Each individual machine is on no LAN or WAN and runs where it sits, disconnected from other any other machine interaction - Each individual machine has different, unique...
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    Software based Security?

    Let's examine the chronology of your accusations... Are you the OP? No! Did I respond to you first, with a veiled ad hominem? No! You did. Are you persisting now? Yes! You flatter yourself. Take your straw man to leave me alone. *chuckle* Go on now... ignore my posts now,
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    WAT removal tool.

    Have a read on Chew WGA v0.9. If you are using it on used versions of Windows 7 from Ebay or etc. (of which is is legal to use activators since 7 is no longer supported), then this tool, I have found, outclasses Remove WAT, KMS and Loader by DAZ.
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    Software based Security?

    Not really... There are two forms of security today... among many other similar issues Nanny State Security and Off-Grid Security. The former is an AIO (All In One) solution where someone else takes care of the user and their personal things and has full control over everything. The latter is...
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    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

    How would restoring a former registry backup affect a system that has had apps added/edited or deleted, among other things? Wouldn't the restoration of old registry settings cause dissimilarity conflicts from the changes made after the backup? Begging your pardon, but why not just make a...
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    Windows Update Service - how to disable?

    As I sense what you are aiming for, then this is your free solution, if you care to listen to Chris Titus Tech for 8 minutes before jumping the gun when you sense the word, "tool" entering into your thoughts... The Best Windows Tool for 2022 "192,210 views May 14, 2022 This is a tool that...
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    Windows 7 DCS (Debug Only Window)

    This is interesting, but perhaps these processes will help you eliminate the notification: Make a restore point and remove the accounting program and reboot to see if the notification still exists. If it still does, open msconfig and go to the services tab and deselect all services and reboot...
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    Well This Sucks!

    It takes a whole lot for algorithm flags to trigger a human being to view the data, and pass it up the "chain" of humans, before any action is taken. what the frakk r u babblin' about?!
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    Well This Sucks!

    I suspect that he is possibly babbling about apathy, nihilism, ignorance. knee-jerk reactions and indoctrinated Golems, beginning primarily with the 80's generations and later. Responses like this seem to elucidate what I suspect.
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    Well This Sucks!

    Does anyone here really believe that the cops are going to "get you"? This would entail a prosecuting attorney to ask a judge (among their numerous other daily distractions) for an arrest warrant, because the attorney sees that he has a real vote-winning case here, to arrest one of his future...
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    Software based Security?

    So I was in a conference with the #1 security hardware manufacturer who was addressing the future of their security offerings. - - - Translated...................... So I was in a conference with the #1 BIG PHARMA hardware manufacturer who was addressing the future of their POTIONS....... and...
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    a strange question - again

    First thought........................................ " it"??????????????? ...................... NEXT?
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    Backing up your Windows PC

    WOW... in Windows 7 Ultimate,,, this is already a MOOT POINT... But... I guess that YOUR "EPIPHANY" is separate from reality! WOW! Windows 11......................... Jesus Wept!
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    Qbittorrent Best settings for control and speed

    But what if I don't give a crap about what others think about me or how much they endeavor to "track" me... yet lack the "verve" to come to my door and kill me? Seriously.......... at the end of the day... isn't this what all of this fear porn is all about?........... people being afraid of the...
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    Winrar - Elon Musk

    ThumperTM... foolish nonsense is all it is... and here is why I state this... What are you implying... that we subsist on services and products which allow us to even exist... and that we require food and water to even BE HERE? I beg you pardon, ThumperTM... but only out of polite respect...
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    Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.290 & 22622.290

    You are spamming... and am too indifferent to "report" you.... and rather instead leave it at the behest of the MODS... but... You are spamming, and you irritate me, you gnat!
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    Back up your BitLocker recovery key

    Imagining means to support one's paranoia will get one nowhere. What I mean is... before the advent of the Internet and PC's... what did our forefathers do... to remind themselves where they left this, that and the other...? Go figure! Today's open market is to cater to the idiots and the...
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    Qbittorrent Best settings for control and speed

    The OP states, "Qbittorrent Best settings for control and speed" ...and the responses have devolved into a cacophony of digression. Here is my response to "Qbittorrent Best settings for control and speed"... Leave them at their default settings and ONLY go with Qbittorrent version 4.1.2 • Do...
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    iastorafs.sys error after sysprep on windows 10 laptop running 1809

    WAY too much ASSUMPTION going on here... The only time, in my experience that SYSPREP comes up, is when someone is trying to "Image" something. But............... don't mind me... but I am remiss if I do not interject and SPELL OUT what I deem is Vague and Ambiguous INFO..... and how ANYONE...