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    Privacy on Win 11

    I just deleted the last 5 docs I recently worked on from the list. They should add some "clear data for last 7days or something" like that.
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    Welcome to the forum Eclipse.
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    Here I am

    Welcome vanish_dyspnoea You can explore through forums for what you are looking for.
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    Hey Wiztec, Good to have a tech wizard here now.
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    Hello wonderful people!

    Welcome aboard, wonderful fella.:)
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    Hi Marloboro, quite a name.
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    introducing my self

    Welcome aboard Hatetredd.
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    Winrar - Elon Musk

    Will he also be purchasing the license one 1st?
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    This is really amazing!!!!

    Amazed and impressed at the same time.
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    Checking Out Your VPN

    Thanks for sharing, this is something worth noting man.
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    VPNs: should you use them?

    I use vpn for some applications and websites but the free once doesn't necessarily provide the security which one may require.
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    new to community

    Welcome aboard.
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    How do i get a free microsoft office 10?

    You have to purchase the product key.
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    New Member

    Welcome Metal Gear Solid Snake.
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    Thank you

    For a second i thought you were saying your final thank you.
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    New Member

    Welcome Yudah.
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    What are you gaming ATM?

    I play games on Steam as well. DOTA 2 and CSGO right now. Might install more games later on.