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    I will when I have access - I have seen bits of your work about and am impressed =] (EDIT: Found your GitHub, thanks mate) That is useful. Nothing hugely new here except everything is all in one place - I am sure I will get use of it. Thanks
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    So inspired by a thread about software people couldn't live without, I am curious if anybody can post some obscure commands/fuctional mixins that go straight in the terminal. I am not looking to hack I am looking to make my (and others) life easier. Maybe improve productivity.
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    Tell Me Some Insanely Great App (for Windows) That I Can't Possibly Live Without.

    Git Bash NuShell I can't stand powershell and NuShell offers a Bash style script with some degree of GUI in the terminal so you get the best of both worlds. VS Code and the Tab9 autocomplete extension certainly saves time. Photoshop and Illustrator Blender for the 3D side of things FIgma and...
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    Quick Fix for Slow Internet in Windows 11

    Funnily this was similar to the advice my phone network provider advise me - put my phone on aeroplane mode for three minutes. My guess is it possibly requests credentials again - if in doubt turn it off and on again. If that fails hit it with a hammer.
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    Hi all

    Just an introductory post. I have some knowledge about some things tech. I was impressed by your resources, and then my first post was about page response codes which also peaked my interest. I like to help people and don't' like posting too much fluff like this post. I hope to be active :D
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    Simple suggestion - do you use or have access to a CDN/Proxy? Have you tried from a different country? You seem knowledgeable, have you looked into the network tab to see if there is a clear bottleneck/point of failure?