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  1. AFFASocial

    Weather from Microsoft Start named the most accurate global forecast provider

    Something about this was posted in 2022 Microsoft Weather
  2. AFFASocial

    introducing myself

    Welcome to the Forums
  3. AFFASocial

    Microsoft office install problems

    Have you tried running it as a ADMINISTRATOR = right click select run as administrator? Lot of reasons this might happen also suggest trying a newer version of the app.
  4. AFFASocial

    New Member

    Welcome to the FAM
  5. AFFASocial

    Wondershare Help!

    Personally, the 2 video apps of choice for me are VideoProc and HD Video Converter Factory Pro. With these 2 apps, I rip movies to full screen 1080p or higher each movie converts in under 3 minutes. and also convert multiple movies at the same very fast compared to the others.
  6. AFFASocial

    Wondershare Help!

    In many cases we must run the crack as a ADMINISTRATOR also the same for many activator files included in the Tor's Right Click with the mouse and select "Run as Administrator" PS in some cases we must copy the crack file and paste it in the Program Folder where the app installed and then run it...
  7. AFFASocial

    New Member. Thank you ThumperDC

    Wwelcome to the FAM
  8. AFFASocial

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome to the Forums
  9. AFFASocial

    New User

    Welcome to the FORUMS
  10. AFFASocial

    old person, new member

    Welcome to the Website :) Welcome to the Website :)
  11. AFFASocial


    Me I use https://snowfl.com/ also suggest Download Adguard Adblocker Chrome Extention: Adguard Adblocker to remove all ads on torrent searches. Next extension is the Popup Blocker (Strict) This will require the user to allow or block any popups assuring the popup has your approval then you...
  12. AFFASocial

    New Guy

  13. AFFASocial

    Hi, UK nottingham guy

  14. AFFASocial

    Microsoft is testing a modern Windows 11 volume mixer

    March 5, 2023 11:13 AM ET 0 Microsoft is testing a new and modern-looking Windows 11 volume mixer accessible via the taskbar Quick Settings panel that helps adjust the volume on a per-app basis and switch between audio devices. This new feature was announced earlier this week and is now...
  15. AFFASocial

    The Week in Ransomware - March 3rd 2023 - Wide impact attacks

    March 3, 2023 06:46 PM 1 This week was highlighted by a massive BlackBasta ransomware attack targeting DISH Network and taking down numerous subsidiaries, including SlingTV and Boost Mobile. The attack started on February 23rd, forcing the company to shut down portions of its IT systems...
  16. AFFASocial

    Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018.0.2 (x64)

    https://snowfl.com/ this search shows Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 2018 as 3D and 4D I removed the actual torrent links to respect the SITE RULES Plenty of seeders enjoy. REMEMBER ALWAYS USE A VPN (1) Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 0 2 (x64) FULL seed: 379, leech: 251, size: 1.51 MB site: type...
  17. AFFASocial

    Fix "You dont currently have permission to access this folder" Windows 10

    I had a similar issue before what worked for me was I booted into "safe mode" deleted everything that will delete in the C:\Users\youusernamefolder\AppData\Local\Temp I then rebooted and that issue was then gone. Aslo try turning off the sleep mode altogether and reboot. Hope it helps.....
  18. AFFASocial


    Have you changed your ipv6 in the adapter if so try turning it off and try login agaiin. I would try turning it off = uncheck it then try again Then try ipv6 to auto obtain the IPV6 data sets in most cases Auto Obtain is the best option.... :)
  19. AFFASocial

    Whats up?

    Welcome to the FAM