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  1. J

    Kaspersky Total Security 2022 | 5 Devices | 1 Year | PC/Mac/Android | Online Code

    yes, you are absolutely correct. Earlier I was a big fan of Bit defender but was facing the same issue wrt crack. Then I shifted to Kaspersky and I haven't face such issue. I really like Kaspersky. BTW what do you think is the best version of it: Normal Antivirus, Internet Security or Total...
  2. J

    Request: BlackMagicDesign DaVinci Resolve Studio v18

    okay, I didn't know that the posts were vetted by staff and thats the real cool feature. I hope that it persists and grow in future. Sure, will download the latest version of that and try working on it. thanks brother
  3. J

    Request: BlackMagicDesign DaVinci Resolve Studio v18

    Sir is he any good? I dont remember exactly but earlier when I tried to downloaded his content my antivirus flag it since then I'm skeptical. Even wrt crackhash- reddit says that his content comes with backdoor trojan, etc BabuPC is another one who posts malwares within the torrents Not sure...
  4. J

    Request: BlackMagicDesign DaVinci Resolve Studio v18

    Hey thumper, thanks for the all the help you have provided earlier and still providing. I'm pursing a career in motion graphics: so I planned to focus by laying the strong foundations and then building something strong. This requires a lot of resources- Time, money, infrastructure, etc. My...
  5. J

    Request: Adobe Illustrator 23 & AfterEffects 23

    Many thanks brother. Kudos to your work. I hope you read my previous message, I have explained my situation. Thanks again for understanding. I also hope that in coming days you could also provide an updated version of Adobe Suite 23 Also, if you have that already you can share that with me...
  6. J

    Request: Adobe Illustrator 23 & AfterEffects 23

    Hey Thumper, I'm a huge fan of your work. Your work is just clean and proper for all of us. I have been using your installers/iso for more than 10yrs if i'm not working. So, whenever I need something, I also search for your content first and if that thing is not available, I go for others and...