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  1. Hotrod369

    new here

  2. Hotrod369

    Hello All

  3. Hotrod369

    Hello All

  4. Hotrod369

    New to TWF

  5. Hotrod369

    New to TWF

  6. Hotrod369


    I almost exclusively use a private torrent tracker for all my cracked apps. I got lucky and happened to come across it and signed up. But just because a torrent site is private in no way means the downloads are safe.
  7. Hotrod369

    Why is Edge snitching about your browsing history?

    The link says "Page Not Found". I mostly use the Vivaldi browser.
  8. Hotrod369

    Web Video Download Recommendations Please

    I really like yt-dlp. It is a YT downloader but it also downloads video from just about any other site you can think of. It is a command-line tool so it's for more advanced users which I know you are. When coupled with ffmpeg it's an extremely powerful tool. I post a lot of clips on social media...
  9. Hotrod369

    Sunset Date for Windows 10 Announced

    I'll probably switch on the 15th
  10. Hotrod369

    New guy

  11. Hotrod369

    new tech

    Share away...
  12. Hotrod369

    Favorite Windows Audio Player 2023?

    I listen to most of my music from Telegram which I get by using a bot to grab music from significant sites like YT and Spotify. But what makes all my audio so much better is FX Sound Enhancer. The Windows version is free now.
  13. Hotrod369

    New Favorite Video Player

    I've been using the POT player for a couple of years now for many of the same reasons. Another really good lightweight player is the MPC black player.
  14. Hotrod369

    What Android Emulator Do You Use?

    I normally run Android-x86 on a VM but other than that BlueStacks.
  15. Hotrod369

    Hello to all members.

    What program is it you are wanting to install?
  16. Hotrod369


    This is exactly what I was saying this IPTV provider is able to do. They have a good enough relationship with the hosting company that hosts their servers to get the route changed for certain problem users.