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  1. ThumperTM

    Hi There

    Welcome @shadowmaker01! ;) :D
  2. ThumperTM

    3trbyte hard drive

    Yup yup yup :D
  3. ThumperTM

    help needed

    We dont provide support here via whatsapp, please explain your issue then we try our best to help you.
  4. ThumperTM

    hello eh from Canada

    Welcome @daxondev! ;) :D
  5. ThumperTM

    3trbyte hard drive

    Hi, Please check this link, it may help you find what you are looking for. Let us know how it goes.
  6. ThumperTM

    pls welcome me here

    Welcome @azofs! ;) :D
  7. ThumperTM

    A New Pirate Is Sailing The Internet Sea!

    Hi and welcome to our family! Hope you feeling better and get better soon :)
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    Hello y'all !

    Welcome @FL!ppY! ;) :D
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    Hi to everyone

    Welcome @Aladino_73! ;) :D
  10. ThumperTM

    Windows 1909 aka November Update is Live

    Hi, This version runs fine for me, tested in two machines, no issue.
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    Mr. Edenma

    Welcome @Mr.Edenma! ;) :D
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    Hi everyone, I love this forum already.....

    Welcome @Bettlejuice! ;) :D
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    Hello friends

    Welcome @exotic! ;) :D
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    Bonjour à tous

    Welcome @Edirol! ;) :D
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    Welcome! ;) :D
  16. ThumperTM

    Windows 1909 aka November Update is Live

    Just installed it, i will come back to let you know how it works ;)