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    Insider Preview update issues for 19035 or any other version.

    Found that many people having issues with upgrade to 19035.1 - with some very strange Errors. so I have found a 99% fix for. You can use as a bat file or do manually. couple of things to do first. 1. locate you last iso you use to install Windows with, mount and check the drive letter you...
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    Need activate my windows 10

    Many honorable sellers on EBay.
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    Windows 1909 aka November Update is Live

    a cracked version means the activation is only good for 180 days, and MS sends out a warning about 30 days prior to Activation being lost. then you loose access to your system.... by your post you have a "Pirate version by KMS" and most AV's see the KMS addon as a Virus and will disable...
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    Windows 1909 aka November Update is Live

    check your winver and see if you installed a "Insider" release, (All Insider Releases have Time Bomb" or expire dates), so either Activate by a Legit Key, or update to the newest Inside. If your System is legit, then simply go to Settings and Reactivate.
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    Is Windows Defender Your Primary A/V?

    Windows Defender is all i use... plus several Restoreable Images by @least 3 different Backup programs. of which all 3 use different (LOCK) to assist in preventing them being trashed...
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    Windows 10 upgrade primary HDD find windows key

    Digital License is stored by MS - OEM in BIOS is activated by OEM. and to the best of my knowledge as stated by MS the KEY is tied to the motherboard. and OEM (Per Dell and HP) is also tied to the mobo. so unless you have a Mulit Activation Key (Retail) or (MAK) or GVLK which is Activated by a...
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    Looking for a Tosh 600 Satellite Series Boot Disk/Iso For Wind 7 Home Prem 64bit?

    OK even better my google drive name "x17-59186.iso" General Info Type Unknown File Size 3 GB Location Modified 8:15 AM Jan 13, 2015 Created 6:21 AM Sep 16, 2013
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    Windows 10 windows 10 upgrade

    When you boot to the "Disk" or USB it should give you a choice on BOOT which to Select and you need to select the same edition as you have installed... If your Windows 8.1 is x86(32b) then you have to select the x86 (32b) install. only way to upgrade to x64 is a Clean Install.
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    Looking for a Tosh 600 Satellite Series Boot Disk/Iso For Wind 7 Home Prem 64bit?

    I have to checked but I think MediaCreationTool still has Windows 7 on it. which is directly from MS. I also still have my win7 iso on disk, if needed i can rip and upload but need to know x86 or x64. DVDs are dang slow to rip. :) ok i added a torrent to my seedbox . = (name only not link)...
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    Microsoft confirms installation issues in Windows 10 updates 8/19/2019

    Several years ago. Microsoft pushed out "A Memo" if you are dumb enough to continue to click and ask for a update, then you deserve what you get. It is Recommended YOU do NOT ASK you simply wait until MS PUSHES the update to you and pops the little red Circle to your taskbar. Beta Tester for...
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    Win10 1903 install Questions

    Many Pirate ISOs are made from Honest Pirates, and almost all of them come to a KEY needed part just like MS simply tell it NO I do not have a KEY. The ISO then looks for a (1) key in the BIOS, if none (2) it looks for a Generic Key as listed in the Products.ini, and will use that key to...
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    3trbyte hard drive

    Come on. a 3tb that only shows 2tb - will maybe it has a hidden partition but here is my current 2tb Portable using MiniToolPartition as i suggested for the old timer/noobie Old Timer-not noobie here.
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    Need activate my windows 10

    The very best program to activate Windows 10 is KMS38.
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    3trbyte hard drive

    I recommend you DL and test the miniPartitionManager, easy to use and has a nice trial [period, it will also show you if you have unused space on your HHD/SSD, several other programs will also show you if you have unused or unformatted space-note there are several partitions shown here, the only...
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    uefi bios

    If your BIOs is messed up recommend you use the Flash BACK then 3.2 BIOS setup programUse the BIOS Setup to update the BIOS or configure its parameters. The BIOS screen include navigation keys and brief onscreen help to guide you in using the BIOS Setup program.Entering BIOS at startupTo enter...
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    System Restore turning off

    first things since you like and use Restore. take you bootable media that you made. insert and open then use setup, thi si called a System Repair. that should fix e very thing that you MUCKED UP. I then recommend you stop the mucking around. so if you know script MS has offered this. open...
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    Windows 10 180 days on license

    you are using KMS that only gives you 180 days a time, Digital Activation will give you 100% permenant Activation by MS as OEM KMS38-Digital Activation
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    disk part error

    Depends on what caused the LOCK, my self i use Hard Disk Low Level Format, for reset the USB to dafault, then format as fat32, never fails and I have saved many USBs that way for clients that "mess them up"
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    ERROR "Activate your windows 10" though I purchased it

    try a repair install, Windows 10 does allow that, when ask for a key say NO, it will still repair your installation, then wait about 3 min - move to settings, update/security. activation and see if not then you can chnag the key, when you enter your key that you paid for. (If it is not a pirate...
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    Some Great News!!!!!!!!

    I use a restore image. x3 private. i do not have to worry about the internet.