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  1. DVDR_Dog

    Need activate my windows 10

    Windows 10 is becoming less of an issue for Microsoft. Enforcement against piracy was costing them more than it was worth. Now Office is a whole different kettle of fish and look for M/S efforts against counterfeit copies being stepped up even further. The current CEO sees Office as their cash...
  2. DVDR_Dog

    Win 7 Software Installer Headaches

    ^^ The only time I have encountered your problems is when Windows wasn't installed on "C" drive and it still was just a matter of pointing the installer to the file location. Sounds like a registry bug. Well anyway who knows what else might be going on. Bite the bullet now it may get a whole lot...
  3. DVDR_Dog

    Windows 10 upgrade primary HDD find windows key

    That only applies to OEM builds. You can lift a transferrable key from the OEM BIOS while the system still works so it might be a good idea to grab it and write it down or store it in the cloud.
  4. DVDR_Dog

    3trbyte hard drive

    Repartition the drive as as a GTP instead of MBR and see if that clears up your problem. Otherwise you may want to contact Seagate and find out what's going on. They may have shipped your unit with the wrong drive installed. I take it this is a standard drive and not a SSD.
  5. DVDR_Dog

    AutoData 3.45

    Hey I ran across some very old notes from who knows when. You might try a search for "Autodata Runtime error 217 at 004bb10d Windows 10/7/8/XP" video and see if that helps. Sorry I forgot all about that it was so long ago. I don't use that program. I haven't turned a wrench for a long while...
  6. DVDR_Dog

    external wd hard drive

    The coolest part of this is you believe it or not you just learned a whole lot about how Windows deals with drives and how to handle it. Good for you! You may not be a novice too much longer.
  7. DVDR_Dog

    Need activate my windows 10

    This is about all the help that can be offered in this forum: If you are looking for that program, check out the torrent searches. I like 1337x(dot)to or check out PB. We don't provide direct links to...
  8. DVDR_Dog

    KMSpico 10.1.8 FINAL + Portable installing issues

    Well I do remember those days and was active then. The first software I cracked was a game on a VIC 20 or C64 I don't remember. The reason I did it was the game's copy protection consisted of a physical error etched into the 5 1/4" floppy that the game was on when you purchased it. Fine. Except...
  9. DVDR_Dog

    external wd hard drive

    Hello Bill. For some reason it occurs to me that there may be some way your drives are being partitioned. It's either that or you are misinterpreting what's being reported. Why don't you give this a try and see visually what Windows says is going on...
  10. DVDR_Dog

    Looking for a Tosh 600 Satellite Series Boot Disk/Iso For Wind 7 Home Prem 64bit?

    Ok I am confused. Is your Windows 7 COA intact? If so, you can do an OEM install and get all the drivers from Toshiba's site. Win 7 OEM is available for d/l from Microsoft, just use the CD key on your COA. The advantage is no Toshiba bloatware much of which is now obsolete, you get a fairly new...
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    Hey you made it. Welcome aboard.
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    Win10 1903 install Questions

    Just a word to the wise when you have installed a pirated program on your system. Be sure to check for open TCP ports. Most stuff is clean but a few stinkers sneak in now and then sometimes a repack of a legit crack. If you don't know much about that, it's time to learn. As they say "If you play...
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    What's not to like? Welcome babacar46. Enjoy your visits here.
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    Adobe Acrobat PRO DC 2019.010.20098

    Do a search for it at a torrent index site, 1337x for example. Posting direct links is against forum rules. Always use an index site that allows comments.
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    3trbyte hard drive

    All right folks! Thanks for all the replies to help. That's what's going to make this board great.
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    hello eh from Canada

    I recognize the company from autosports, a passion of mine. Welcome.
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    Windows 1909 aka November Update is Live

    Did anyone else notice the little notice that pops-up for "Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4529943)" before it starts upgrading? It's about time! It's a warning that the update may take some time to complete and don't worry or something to that effect. How many people...
  18. DVDR_Dog

    3trbyte hard drive

    The drive may have multiple partitions then. Try AOMEI Partition Assistant (free edition) and have a look at the drive's data structure. The instructions are pretty easy to follow. You may just have to wipe out the partitions on that drive, make one large partition and format. This is pretty...
  19. DVDR_Dog

    3trbyte hard drive

    My first question would be is your operating system 32 bit or 64 bit? I suspect you are running a 32 bit version of Windows. If so you are limited to 2 TB hard drives. Very simply a 32 bit...
  20. DVDR_Dog

    Windows 1909 aka November Update is Live

    Microsoft has acknowledged problems with certain WiFi and Bluetooth radios connectivity (or lack of). Instructions for a work-around have been published. More about that problem here: