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  1. jamvaru

    3trbyte hard drive

    perhaps you could post a screen shot of the disk management window showing this drive's partitions?
  2. jamvaru

    Need activate my windows 10

    jedi: You don't need to activate your windows 10. pirate: I'm a pirate, your jedi mind tricks don't work on pirates. jedi: so i take it buying windows is out of the question then?
  3. jamvaru

    KMSpico 10.1.8 FINAL + Portable installing issues

    actually, they make it just minimally effective with enough happy rewards to keep you coming back for more, like 'apple', with their 'shiny' but not too good or you won't want to buy the next thing; like how I can't find the setting to keep the taskbar always on top, yet autohide; sometimes it...
  4. jamvaru

    KMSpico 10.1.8 FINAL + Portable installing issues

    re: your example... what I said, a technical exercise; really you wouldn't want to play a game made by a person who is happy to destroy your disc drive, lol.
  5. jamvaru

    KMSpico 10.1.8 FINAL + Portable installing issues

    haha, yeah, it makes sense that windows would not be able to continue, meaning that it will fail in the manner you said; these people at that high of a level are so corrupted, it just isn't even funny but what is funny is that they simply can't help but bork things up to the point of no return...
  6. jamvaru

    help needed

    kali linux is meant to be used with a pendrive/usbdrive/thumbdrive perhaps try that first? also more likely a problem with your virtualizer
  7. jamvaru

    3trbyte hard drive

    if you want to avoid the ridiculous prices of the fix it shops, then you should educate yourself, with online videos, courses, books, whatever you like; try various things There are MANY beginner type books for computer knowledge. Youtube videos are pelnty but can be repetitive and boring.
  8. jamvaru

    3trbyte hard drive

    just a possiblity, did you look at the size of the HDD and see less than 3TB? The manufacturer will say it is 3TB but Windows will show less than 3TB because some space is used up just to initialize the drive, such as for the file system. Also the way they calculate TB is weird because it...
  9. jamvaru

    KMSpico 10.1.8 FINAL + Portable installing issues

    I really couldn't imagine why anyone would bother except as a technical exercise. There are so many great alternatives to 'office'. Also, you can legitimately say when asked, 'no, i am not a thief', if you do not use pirated software. Piracy is as old as the internet, older really, since BBS...
  10. jamvaru

    Notepad is Your Friend

    lol that's cool i used to use notepad on my desktop for shopping lists and to do lists lately i've been using wordpad i think i might like notepad better though i'll probably wind up using abiword, haven't got around to installing it though notepad is fun because it is so simple and loads really...
  11. jamvaru

    Win10 1903 install Questions

    i lost my official windows 10 usb at one point and recently had to re-install windows after changing out the motherboard So I used the official Windows app to make a bootable USB install drive before removing the motherboard and building the new computer. And I deactivated the key as well...
  12. jamvaru

    Windows 1909 aka November Update is Live

    i think that is an option you can toggle, the notification i noticed it but didn't give it much though, just another update forgot it was time for their new 'version' (thank goodness they stopped trying to sell new versions, lol) everything went smoothly i'm not really noticing anything new or...
  13. jamvaru

    3trbyte hard drive

    a completely different perspective would be to use something like kali linux or even just debian or linux mint on a flash drive or dvd-rom running as a live dvd/usb boot, so that you are not accessing your windows system or the computer at all from within the computer, but instead from outside...
  14. jamvaru

    uefi bios

    i think i replied to this thread thinking it was a different thread, so it may not be relevant to bother with the linux-cd, lol . just to be sure, your problem is you try to enable the uefi bios, meaning boot in uefi mode instead of legacy mode, but it doesn't work? question to mod, if the...
  15. jamvaru

    uefi bios

    well, the thing about linux is, why i suggest it, is that you don't have to worry about anything, because you can run it from a cd-rom or dvd-rom or a flash drive or usb drive, or some other way, and it is extremely easy . so, if your system can't boot it, say to a 'live cd-rom' version, then...
  16. jamvaru

    Windows 8 boot up screen complete freeze after installing new hardware

    i just built a new computer, had similar issue it turned out to be the memory trying to run at the highest rated speed made the memory unstable, so i switched to the basic default setting, about 2/3 of the highest speed, and it works just fine; i'll get some memory that works with the...
  17. jamvaru

    Loading Windows 7 on Native Win 10 System Headache

    it's a conspiracy sort of really just common sense marketing, don't bother supporting something that isn't sold anymore the number of cases like this one are so small as to be statistically insignificant, and financially insignificant
  18. jamvaru

    uefi bios

    you could try downgrading your bios instead, flash back to a previous version
  19. jamvaru

    Windows 10 KB4505903 Update Breaks Bluetooth Speakers Connectivity

    reports of increased jaw and butt cancer lately, attributed to cell phones; also breast cancer in women who carried their phone in their bra the ear pods aren't bad because they are only receive, but the ones with the mic have a send, radiate probably a sort of tinfoil holster would be best, so...
  20. jamvaru

    System Restore turning off

    Indeed the correct answer is simply do not use system restore. It takes space on your hd/ss drive and it uses write cycles, but only if you actually make a restore point. It is a bandaid solution to whatever problem you have anyway, instead of a complete re-install, but you'd rather have a...