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    To learn and learn and...

    Welcome ArkitEk2! ;) :D
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    Windows XP Professional SP3 2013/2014/2015 [Support]

    Nope, this is 32bit version.
  3. ThumperTM

    Strategy for recovering as much data as possible in Win10

    Which software do you use for backup @DVDR_Dog ?
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    My intro

    Welcome to our family :)
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    To Kill a Spammer.

    Lol, hes gone :)
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    Hello there,

    Welcome Anonymoose2! ;) :D
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    Welcome s.neves! ;) :D
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    Just introducing

    Welcome Jevon! ;) :D
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    New Member

    Welcome CancerCane! ;) :D
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    Stuck at Home?

    Thank you!
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    New member here!

    Welcome hiddenhero! ;)
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    Hey there...

    Welcome asdel! ;) :D Which albanian forum you are talking about?
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    SYSTEM RESCUE CD (freeware)

    Great share, thank you!
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    Hello there!

    Welcome @Ettra! ;) :D
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    Anybody does penetration testing with Kali Linux?

    Welcome abhinag739! ;) :D
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    Welcome message

    Welcome Inuit54! ;) :D
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    Welcome dragonsouce! ;) :D