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  1. DVDR_Dog

    Make Windows 7 recovery iso files bootable to usb

    (rolls eyes) Who me? Anybody remember 5 1/4" floppies? How about the 5 1/4" drives connected to C-64s? Better yet how about the cassette tape drives for VIC-20s? My company did a bunch of work for Commodore back in the day so I always had their newest stuff. I did some consulting work with...
  2. DVDR_Dog

    Installation/activation of MICROSOFT Office PRO Plus 2016 v16.0.4266.1003 RTM

    For what? You might want to check the torrents, they usually have what you are looking for. Take a look here:
  3. DVDR_Dog

    Program can't run?

    @neepninja Are you running Adobe products that lets say didn't come from Adobe? Thumper's post about Reader caught my eye and I am wondering why that issue comes up first. Just another reason to say NO to Adobe products. Please let us know the results whether they work or not.
  4. DVDR_Dog

    Video Player not seeing .mpg files in folders!

    I believed that for many, many years. Lately it's been a little picky. I used to say VLC would play the lid off a can of kitty meat but no longer. It's getting tripped up by some granted not done well at all video compressed to the max. It gets confused and goes into an endless loop. Hopefully...
  5. DVDR_Dog

    Well I Got Me This MacBook Pro 13"

    This is one of those "Is this a blessing or a curse" deals. As luck (good or bad) may have it I just got another one of these wonderful iMac Pr 13" same specs. Only this one has a good screen. From what I have read not only is flexgate a problem but cooling as it is in so many late model...
  6. DVDR_Dog

    AutoData 3.45

    And what exactly is the error you are seeing? We can't read minds here just yet. Google Assistant is working on it but nothing yet. ;)
  7. DVDR_Dog

    Safe Download Sites

    This site is a little dated but pretty much is relevant today. We touched on this briefly in a thread but never really address the subject. There is some good advice in this article too.
  8. DVDR_Dog

    Microsoft urges users to stop using phone-based multi-factor authentication
  9. DVDR_Dog

    Windows 10 Adobe Acrobat PRO DC 2020.009.20063

    I know this is a very long thread but the bottom line seems to be that Adobe weaves a spider web of protection that gets larger every time you load anything they publish and that changes the rules. It's a moving target it seems.
  10. DVDR_Dog

    Video Player not seeing .mpg files in folders!

    .mpg is not supported by Windows 10 Video Editor. .mpg is a generic container you might try renaming the extension to .mp4. Better yet try a video inspection program like this freebie: That will give you the lowdown on what's under the hood of your video and how...
  11. DVDR_Dog

    Well I Got Me This MacBook Pro 13"

    This is a A1706 Pro model w/touchbar. The screen itself is like $250 USD and the entire assembly is about $75 more. There is a video of some guy in China who actually replaced the screen, no thanks. The crap you need to dissolve the adhesive is carcinogenic and looks like you have to get up...
  12. DVDR_Dog

    PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor v9.0 build 129 (x86 and x64-bit editions)

    cndps is probably telling you why a crack or keygen isn't coming anytime soon. Cracking this program requires TWO different modifications and trust me it's a lot of work. It's a case of diminishing returns. I get that you like this program and you paid for it. For reasons explained you wouldn't...
  13. DVDR_Dog

    Well I Got Me This MacBook Pro 13"

    I was just missing that MacBook Air I gave my GF sooo. I am now the proud owner of a MacBook Pro 13" 2016 touchbar and not the base model. So the display is messed up and it is just the display or the infamous cable. It's kind of funny, it's not the typical "flexgate" symptoms although I haven't...
  14. DVDR_Dog

    After update no Sleep or Hibernation

    Well yes I have the exact model. i7-4510U 8GB RAM Win 10 when I set this u Home 64 1909 but updating as I write this. It is a touch screen as well. Now if memory serves me well it's a graphics driver problem. The driver that W Update installs is no bueno perhaps because it's a touch screen. The...
  15. DVDR_Dog

    After update no Sleep or Hibernation

    Well the good news is I think I own one of these so you are in luck. The bad news is a question. Does your system have (uggh) the optional Touch Screen? I'm hoping it doesn't but thinking it might. No worries, I work on a ton of Dells, I think we can figure this out. It's a heck of a nice system...
  16. DVDR_Dog

    PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor v9.0 build 129 (x86 and x64-bit editions)

    It all comes down to diminishing returns. Looks like this program was one of the early adopters of server side authentication, that's why the key was limited to a finite number of activations. I can tell you I got into cracking when I was very passionate about a program. You have two ways into...
  17. DVDR_Dog

    Windows Update 20H2

    Why reinvent the wheel? Here they are: M/S mentions "These new features will remain dormant until they are turned on through the “enablement package,” a small, quick-to-install “master switch” that...
  18. DVDR_Dog

    Apple M1 Interesting specs (supplied by Apple :oops:) I guess that remains to be seen. What is notable is the M1 chip IS Not backwardly compatible with code written for the Intel CPUs. The big question becomes where are these chips being made. While a...
  19. DVDR_Dog

    MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition 10.2.1 + Crack

    Very sorry to hear what happened. I hope it works out for you. I am not trying to be an a-hole so don't take this the wrong way. It's just another reason why you should back your stuff up. Accidents happen. I have been burned quite badly in the past. Just a bit of advice but I see there are some...
  20. DVDR_Dog

    MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition 10.2.1 + Crack

    Here's a stupid answer. I use easeUS partition master. I stick with the free edition and I never seem to need more than that. easeUS is great for using brute force to deal with pesky partitions esp. on flash drives.