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  1. jamvaru

    Windows Linux UEFI exploit

    it's do it yourself and you can hire a professional linux adminstrator who knows how it works or hold the hand of microsoft and trust they are your special jesus
  2. jamvaru

    Something Old, Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue

    just delete me plz, or add the button and i will do it
  3. jamvaru

    Something Old, Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue

    where is the delete account button?
  4. jamvaru

    Something Old, Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue

    why would you suggest that? would i want it if it was bad? idk man, you are making less and less sense to me i'm going to go ahead and go, cya
  5. jamvaru

    Windows Linux UEFI exploit

    lol, i can't say better off with windows; windows is a huge ballsack if you use a stable version of fedora or ubuntu you should be fine there are shady ppl in all walks of life, even a church or even , gasp, government so maybe amahi is not so great, now you know better, don't use it can linux...
  6. jamvaru

    Copying a larg file

    you use a hash generator to compare before and after copy md5 i think is one type of hash, for example the idea of breaking the file up into chunks is good, i think 7z will do this, then recombine after copy, and then check hash, compare but first try teracopy, that should work if not do...
  7. jamvaru

    Windows Update deleted my Linux partition?

    after doing the multiboot thing i've decided to just use linux from a removable drive usb 3.0 is more than fast enough and you can use an SSD in a drive enclosure for speeds equal to anything possible inside the computer, even the M.2 type (there are drive enclosures for this as well) . my comp...
  8. jamvaru

    Windows 10 Can´t enable Darkmode

    interesting it took them like 30 years to do a dark mode
  9. jamvaru

    Windows Linux UEFI exploit

    always back up linux is about taking proactive control over your computer some ppl don't really want that, or shouldn't do that . such a breaking update wouldn't be for a secure stable system, it would be first introduced in a testing system
  10. jamvaru

    Microsoft Strikes Out Again (3 strikes, no balls. No runs, no hits, countless errors)

    my dad is a professional PA sound system guy, not sure what the title would be he built, with my help, a pair of nice speakers from a very old JBL Lancer box set new 8" PRV speakers with aluminum dome 8" passive radiator 1" tweeter tricked them out nice with new front grille, mesh then gave them...
  11. jamvaru

    Something Old, Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue

    i'm talking about getting it legally, lol . I'm still not sure where I could get the 1985 version of The Scarlet Pimpernel with Jane Seymour, on disc that is. I saw it on vhs on ebay. Any ideas?
  12. jamvaru

    Installation problem

    right, 1. don't download anything, but if you do, use a secure downloader that automatically virus scans everything 2. don't browse any websited, but if you do, use a secure browser that automatically scans everything 3. don't ever click on any links in an email... but if you do... see above...
  13. jamvaru

    Have You Ever?????

    maybe generic usb video 'card', useful in some other case, so not such a 'waste' obviously put linux on it, windows is only good for if your work requires it, lol; or video games of course ironic that windows pros become linux pros because it is the best solution for the windows question, except...
  14. jamvaru

    Something Old, Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue

    it's called 'selling out' partitions: if windows can't do it i usually just pop in a linux stick and reboot pApps: once upon a time i had every pApp installed; then tried to back it up, nah. I have like 4 things installed right now on pApps... firefox, thunderbird, MediaPlayerClassic...
  15. jamvaru

    I Got Those Zoom Blues! Any Suggestions?

    the beatles went to india, once upon a time they communed with some swami there, a yogi or something turned out it is all just a huge scam to get laid the yogi teaches them and stuff and then it's like, hey, wanna learn the really fun stuff? lol
  16. jamvaru

    I Got Those Zoom Blues! Any Suggestions?

    lol, encryption lol, apple i can't even be bothered to type the words 'f*** t***' ugh so, sourceforge sent me an email a while back about a software for group video conferencing called 'jam session', i think i forwarded to my dad who was trying to use zoom for that and it didn't work I haven't...
  17. jamvaru

    Challenge upgrading from W10 Home insider preview to W10 Pro

    cool, sounds like you are on track then; good luck and have fun
  18. jamvaru

    10 Essential Free & open-source software (2020 Edition)

    i use windows notepad because it pops up instantly and is already on the default right click menu right click on desktop, W, T Video player: version of Media Player Classic - Black Edition i usually install VLC as a default player but I forgot this time, for when you click on...
  19. jamvaru

    10 Essential Free & open-source software (2020 Edition)

    MS is just another globalist company, captured (maybe it always was, Gates has deep family ties to globalism) same for google, apparently a CIA op from the start, or NSA; i get my acronyms confused and of course Facebook and Twitter and apple? who knows really, probably though, maybe not at the...
  20. jamvaru

    10 Essential Free & open-source software (2020 Edition)

    i don't really like chromium, but it isn't bad, just not my flavor of tea With (google) chrome and firefox you can increase your level of security fairly easily. I use basic firefox and I just don't give a damn about security. It doesn't bother me at all. I like the idea of it, but even so, so...