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  1. K

    Windows 10 to get a massive overhaul in 2021

    Use windows 10 pro and set updates to defer to every 1 to 3 months. So by the time you get them, all the bugs have been ironed out. Once I do that I rarely get any issues. That and classic shell give you a pretty reliable and familiar experience.
  2. K

    Windows 10 to get a massive overhaul in 2021

    You gotta love sinofsky, he revolutionised productivity with office 2007 and ruined windows with version 8. I go back to windows 7 machines from time to time and wish everything could work like that again. Reliably and predictably... and look that good too :S
  3. K

    Win 10 won't recognise any mP3 players

    Are you talking about physical mp3 players you put in your pocket? or music player programs you install on you computer? If it is the music player programs, you need to change the default music player in the new windows 10 settings menu.