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  1. starhawk69

    Streaming laptop versus gaming laptop - what is the diff between the two

    To answer your question, a streaming PC is set-up for video encoding and transmitting the encoded stream to where ever you are sending data, generally doesn't require a good video card as most of the work is done by the CPU. So you want the fastest CPU to do the encoding and extra RAM is is...
  2. starhawk69

    Double Threat DDoS Attacks

    ARS has an article about this too: DDoSers are abusing Microsoft RDP
  3. starhawk69

    Well I Got Me This MacBook Pro 13"

    That was almost painful to watch even tho I ff thru most of it. Definitely worth buying the whole assembly rather than having to deal with all that tape and glass shard cleanup. I did a screen repair on a tablet for a friend and promised I would never put myself thru that again. I still have a...
  4. starhawk69

    Well I Got Me This MacBook Pro 13"

    This is why I hate working on laptops and tablets, everything is glued or taped in place. I certainly don't envy you trying to find a replacement for that screen. Apple doesn't like to sell spare parts and when they do it usually cost prohibitive to repair or replace without special tools. It...
  5. starhawk69

  6. starhawk69


    I'm sure Apple and Amazon are watching this closely. It could have serious implications for their business models depending on the outcome. Still it will take a long time for this to get to a final decision.
  7. starhawk69

    i got hacked, plz help

    Best to wipe that drive, reformat it and reinstall Windows. You have no idea what got installed on your machine and it's safer to just go with a clean install. I always make a back-up after I install Windows, drivers and any critical updates. That way I can just start back from there if things...
  8. starhawk69

    Mozilla killed entire threat management team. Mozilla is now without detection and incident response.
  9. starhawk69

    Copying a larg file

    Sucks when that happens. Windows only has a 260 character limit for file paths so if, for any reason your files have more, that will happen. Couple ways to fix it, 1 Shorten the file name. 2 Enable long file names in Windows. Requires editing the registry, so if you aren't familiar with that...
  10. starhawk69

    Copying a larg file

    Shouldn't be a problem as long as your external drive is formatted as NTFS. Some older (fat32) formats will only handle files less than 2 Gigs but NTFS With Windows10 version 1709 the maximum implemented file size is 8 PB. So check the format on the external drive and if its NTFS your good. If...
  11. starhawk69

    Windows Update deleted my Linux partition?

    Had this problem myself awhile ago, Windows doesn't like to share and will overwrite the GRUB bootloader whenever it gets a chance. Your Linux partition is probably still there but you will need to reinstall GRUB in order to access it. Try: Ubuntu Official Documentation or Stack Exchange Linux...
  12. starhawk69

    Have You Ever?????

    Yeah, Microsoft stopped supporting WHS back around 2014, so security is about zero, even Windows says so. You could always set-up a local network with no internet access, but there are a lot of ways to do that without having to install WHS Connector (which appears not to work properly in Win10)...
  13. starhawk69

    Have You Ever?????

    I'm certainly no expert on servers but I did find this: "Windows Home Server was based on Windows Server 2003 R2 and was intended to be a solution for homes with multiple connected PCs to offer file sharing, automated backups, print server, and remote access. It is paired with the Windows Home...
  14. starhawk69

    Something Old, Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue

    Great list, use alot of those myself. Going to have to try AIMP. I have been using VLC for my music player but I have a LOT of music and video files and VLC just doesnt have much of a playlist editor. I recently installed an old copy of Winamp on a XP box I put together to use some of this old...
  15. starhawk69

    I Got Those Zoom Blues! Any Suggestions?

    There are also some inexpensive mixers out there. I was looking at some to connect my computers together to use the same amp. For around $40 -$60 you can something like this and there...
  16. starhawk69

    I Got Those Zoom Blues! Any Suggestions?

    This might be something to look at. - Haven't tried it myself yet but I D/L this one and its big brother The Potato and plan on giving them a try. I already have a hardware mixer, eq, and mixing amp but this looks interesting. Won't be able to try it...
  17. starhawk69

    Wow It's Been Quiet

    ARS Tenchnica article
  18. starhawk69

    hard drives

    Did a little recon on your motherboard and it seems that your problem has been around for awhile. Others have reported the same exact problem as you describe going back several years. Several posts on the ASUS forum about unrecognized drives and similar errors. Doesn't seem to be any consensus...
  19. starhawk69

    hard drives

    Well, something seems odd. Difficult to determine whats going on without more info. What make/model Motherboard and drives do you have? Did you get it used or new? Most Motherboards have a reset to default option, have you tried that?
  20. starhawk69

    hard drives

    Since you say that your BIOS isn't recognizing one of your drives I would suspect that either, 1) the cables to your drive are faulty or not seated fully, or 2) your drive is bad or 3) a setting in BIOS is preventing your drive from showing up. First thing to do is check the cables and make sure...