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  1. Father_of_Dragons

    Need advice on doing a back up through old school methods

    Too much data to burn onto discs though I might recommend a new free service that could provide you with 1TB cloud storage for free. visit
  2. Father_of_Dragons

    Windows 8 Why do people hate Windows 8?

    The interface change from windows 7 was the main reason people didnt respond well to the new metro design of applications. also missing the start menu button which everyone seemed to have been used to prompted even the quick remake that was win8.1 as of usability there wasnt much of known...
  3. Father_of_Dragons

    Windows 10 Need help installing Windows 10 onto laptop running off usb drive

    I Recommend trying to run a live usb of some simple linux distro like ubuntu or manjaro or mxlinux as of trying to install and running windows off a usb drive i have never heard of an easy way to do it as it was never built to run off a removable usb stick
  4. Father_of_Dragons


    welcome to the fold
  5. Father_of_Dragons

    Windows ISO Size

    check out this resource for untouched isos directly from microsoft
  6. Father_of_Dragons

    Best Version of Office?

    Microsoft Office Professional Plus (x86) 2013
  7. Father_of_Dragons

    HELLO , Glad to Join

    Forums make us one. One makes us strong.