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  1. GlennMurray

    What windows 10 version is best for gaming?

    Hello everyone, Currently most desktop computers and laptops are using Windows 10 because Windows 7 has been terminated by Microsoft. But Windows 10 also has many versions, each version has its own advantages, the more later versions, there will be new improvements and updates. But I do not know...
  2. GlennMurray

    Screenshot in windows 10 software.

    Thanks you so much, it's so useful for me.
  3. GlennMurray

    Screenshot in windows 10 software.

    Hello everyone, I have a laptop. Previously, my computer used Window 7. Later when Window 7 died, I switched to Window 10. Because I used it, I wasn't used to it. I want to ask everyone how to take screenshots in Window 10. Hope everyone can show me. Thanks everyone.