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    Zip Download from popular proxy site

    Welcome BigBen21! ;) :D
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    Yep! I'm Here!

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    Installing a crack

    Hi, Installation directory is folder where software files are stored, right click software icon -> Open file location (This is software installation directory.)
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    Hey :)

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    Hay I'm new here :)

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    Glad To Be Here

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    How to download video on VK

    Hi, Just tested it for your, Internet Download Manager seems to be working for VK videos:
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    Hello, new member approaching

    Welcome karas3f! ;) :D
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    WIS net Support

  14. ThumperTM

    A new confused member here

    Welcome to our forum! About your request, please check out for newer version.
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    WIS net Support

    Please check your PM.
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    Hello from Poland

    Welcome oldman! ;) :D
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    WIS net Support

    Sent ;)
  18. ThumperTM

    How can I instal Win 10 on one partition

    Hi, Please be more specific, do you want to install windows 10 as mbr or gpt?
  19. ThumperTM

    Bitlord Phooey!

    Thank you!