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  1. DVDR_Dog


    Sorry. Your only hope is the gang that did this will get caught. Usually Interpol will release the algorithm used to encode your files which generates the key. I am starting to see some bullet-proof, complete lockdown one way back up systems being put into place. Hopefully once they are adopted...
  2. DVDR_Dog

    Help with activating Office 2016

    Yup 2007 enterprise version is the last version that does a complete install. Some say it was Gates going away present.
  3. DVDR_Dog

    Help with activating Office 2016

    Well you know the old story, when all else fails read the instructions. If your A/V (Windows Security or anything else) hasn't been completely deactivated It's going to flag and remove the activator. Also be aware that you will continue to see the nag screen to enter the key, however the program...
  4. DVDR_Dog

    How to Block Websites On Windows 10

    uBlock Origin. Versatile and customizable if the need arises. Works just fine for me right out of the box. I wish there was an Android version.
  5. DVDR_Dog

    AutoKMS removal

    Well chances are your A/V must have found it. Not sure what you want to do, did you get a valid license? If that's the case I would just go ahead and remove the current copy of Office with Revo, delete alll the Office folders including those in the application data folders. KMS to the best f my...
  6. DVDR_Dog


    Has anybody seen or heard from th3m? I miss having him around this board. I am wondering what's the state of deemix these days. It is a brilliant piece of work.
  7. DVDR_Dog

    New Member Frustrated With Camtasia

    Just a guess but once Camtasia gets a sniff of the Internet during the install, the damage has been done. Doesn't really matter what you do from that point on, the crack won't work. This is true of many cracked programs. From the remarks at 1337X: "The crack works if you make RegInfo read-only...
  8. DVDR_Dog


    Well here's the doggy's take on things. Do you really need a program like this? Not really. Supposedly iolo System Mechanic Pro addresses things like tcp ip settings and the like to improve throughput and cleans junk files, etc. and is considered a better solution. Microsoft doesn't like...
  9. DVDR_Dog

    help request to put a Windows 7 in FR

    I am not sure what's going on. The OEM copy of Win 7 in French is easily available for download if and can be legally installed if you have a COA. If you are looking for an exercise I would go ahead and download the corresponding OEM French copy and swap out the files that are different and...
  10. DVDR_Dog

    Customizable Laptop

    I have a Dell Precision 7730 i7-8850H. Yup it weighs a ton, it could never live on a lap. The power supply weighs more than some of my laptops. It is a beast though. I don't game but it's great for CAD and video editing. I like the fact that it sits in a zippered case in my house and I have...
  11. DVDR_Dog

    How to Fix Wrong Time on Windows 10

    Holy crap that was pretty long winded. Windows used to look at Bios time but it doesn't really care once it's online and talks to Windows time. The default time zones programs some programs use seems to be tied to regional pride. Windows and Apple use the left coast time, a couple of programs...
  12. DVDR_Dog

    NordVPN blocks all upload ports on P2P setting!

    So I ran across this post on another site. Granted I never used Nord for a variety of reasons but if you are shopping for a VPN this is worth a read for what it's worth.
  13. DVDR_Dog

    Installing a crack

    Not necessarily so. It can be in the app sub-folder and even other places. Stick to Thumper's tip and you can't go wrong.
  14. DVDR_Dog

    How much do Windows 10 cost?

    Quite honestly Glenn it's probably time to retire your XP system at least as your main system. I highly doubt it's willing to make the move to Win 10. Unless you have been constantly upgrading your system (a 2012 CPU or newer to start), time to go shopping. I could go on about drivers, DDR or...
  15. DVDR_Dog

    How to Fix “This app can’t run on your pc” on Windows 10

    Thanks for the post rishtran. It brings up so many of those "oh yeah" instances that we forget. Even worse when you get into a discussion about installation problems many times all of these things are taken for granted. I finally wrestled Android 10 on my Tab 2 and the little things I needed to...
  16. DVDR_Dog

    How to Turn Off Firewall on Windows 10

    Hmmm. That's like leaving the barn door open. If a program needs access you can let it thru manually. Any legit reasons the software instructions will let you know the ports it needs to function. I am trying to think of an instance when you would just drop the curtain so to speak and I can't...
  17. DVDR_Dog

    Windows 8 Why do people hate Windows 8?

    The important thing to remember is that the kernel hasn't really changed much since XP replaced 98. As you already stated it was the GUI and driver enforcement as well as security changes. Since things haven't realty changed since XP we all still patiently await the new file system that...
  18. DVDR_Dog


    Be sure and grab this update, it addresses a serious security issue.
  19. DVDR_Dog

    Windows 8 Why do people hate Windows 8?

    Huh? Umm didn't this thread outline all the problems users encountered with 8? Let's start with device drivers and to this day some Win 7 program compatibility with continues to be an issue in commercial environments. Care to outline the " drastically superior to Windows 10" instances? It's...
  20. DVDR_Dog

    How to download video on VK

    Sometimes those video downloaders don't work when they are supposed to. Not sure why, bad crack, conflict with another program or whatever. Seems like whoever codes those sites are playing cat and mouse as well so you always need the most current version of that program which isn't always...