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  1. philalethes

    PrivadoVPN FAIL!!!!!!

    If someone is compiling a list of VPN experiences: I've got AT&T for internet, got busted twice but got Surfshark VPN immediately after March 2019. AV is Vipre Internet Security. No conflict I download all day long on two computers running 24/7, never a hiccough now.
  2. philalethes

    Open WRT any help?

    I still have old workhorse WRT54G v8.2, and flashed it with DD-WRT and all worked fine. But not being a propeller-headed IT geek, I couldn't tell you much more, except there were now choices for a lot of settings. I recall you went to the DD-WRT site and it listed routers it works on.
  3. philalethes

    Repair damaged Windows registry hive files

    you can find Unhackme on crackingpatching
  4. philalethes

    Moving a program loaded old hard drive to new computer to avoid re-installing all

    Hi Wonderz- that's exactly what I did, as stated: "Instead of swapping physical drives, I imaged the old C: with Macrium. Made a boot disc. Booted the new laptop from Macrium boot and replaced the contents of the new drive with the old image. i also first imaged the Win 10 and stored in case I...
  5. philalethes

    Moving a program loaded old hard drive to new computer to avoid re-installing all

    I went from old IdeaPad Y510 to refurbed ThinkPad T450, so maybe I lucked out, both being Lenovo; I might have had any odd Lenovo drivers already. Yes, the old IdeaPad wouldn't die, but hinge was broke and screen has been propped up for years! I've replaced 2 fans, so I bought a backup fan when...
  6. philalethes

    Moving a program loaded old hard drive to new computer to avoid re-installing all

    I have a 12 year old Lenovo laptop that has evolved from Vista to Win 7, and I have huge number of favorite old comfortable programs installed, many cracks, etc., But the time came to get a replacement machine, more RAM, faster. The old one had 250 G SSD, as did the new one. So I wished to try...
  7. philalethes


    did you Google? I found this right away: I cannot vouch for it however... if you have cleaned up drive, better make a full image backup before applying some "fix." And a Restore point, which might be enough to recover should the fix cause more...
  8. philalethes

    What's Your Favorite Media Player? (Don't be shy!)

    VLC is still a must for me since I want subs. It has buggy but built in sub searcher. Otherwise I use various sub sites like OpenSubtitles. And then one can adjust sub sync if needed in VLC. Windoze media player is pretty stripped of add-on features like screenshot which I use all the time on...
  9. philalethes

    Microsoft AI... What is really known?

    thankz. cortana now removed...but to be safe i imaged C drjve as fallback
  10. philalethes

    Microsoft AI... What is really known?

    I had disabled Cortana but decided to follow this tip and use Revo to remove entirely. Got a copy of Revo 4.2.3 but it does NOT show Cortana under Win apps! see image. Cortana still there, I can make it run from search bar.
  11. philalethes

    Windows 10 to get a massive overhaul in 2021

    totally agree. I keep Win 7 on my main PC, but have Win 10 on my new one. I try every trick to keep 10 from committing suicide by updates and unwanted improvements! Always have an image of older OS for replacement and backup.
  12. philalethes

    Turn off antivirus protection in Windows Security

    Rick Bale, WHY are you just repeating what DVDR Dog has said already to start off this thread? You added ZERO new.
  13. philalethes

    Turn off antivirus protection in Windows Security

    If you come to this forum I expect many are here to take control of their computer, especially against the ever intrusive Micro$haft. If you have to be warned about "threats" than maybe you should not be playing around. ALWAYS check any patches, keygens, etc, by upping them to
  14. philalethes

    Windows Update 20H2

    We certainly have differing opinions. I block all windows updates best I can, try to minimize being "helped" by the backdoor coders who handle "security" for MicroShaft now. But let's not kid ourselves; if THEY want in your computer, no stopping them.
  15. philalethes

    Bring Back The Glory Days

    Been using Classic Shell since Win 7 came out. I don't even like the XP look. Like my list of folders to look my way, not helped out with "latest used," etc. Besides, just hold down the Shift key and Start will come up Win 10 mode if you want to play with it...adds and unwanted crap.
  16. philalethes

    Bill Gates Back At The Helm?

    Bill needs a new job. Looks like Mr. Vaxx's Moderna might flop, and he and Fauci won't make the big bucks. Killing all those kids in Africa with his polio vaxx was not popular, nor in India. DARPA and Unit 8200 bosses might let him continue to be figurehead, like zomboid child Suck-a-Burg.
  17. philalethes


    the only request I got was from a guy says he is YOU, ...Tony. Cranial Wizard. I had TD send an invite ASAP. I think they expire if you don't jump on the invite. NOT vaporware. you check your SPAM? I have more.
  18. philalethes


    I offered you some information. If you cannot confront it fine by me. My objection is not "ethnic," that's a shallow appraisal. The IT of that country is penetrated by Russians which you'd find out if you pursued watching a few more videos on that channel by Brendan. It's all over the newspapers...
  19. philalethes


    Just another backdoor revealed.. Hardly the first revelation. Your root level hardware NEVER was secure folks. DEF CON 26 - Christopher Domas - GOD MODE UNLOCKED Hardware Backdoors in redacted x86 46:04 Now playing 47. INTEL IS DEAD, TAIWAN...
  20. philalethes

    VPN Madness

    SurfShark last two years.