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  1. DVDR_Dog

    How to unlock Windows 11's God Mode to access advanced settings

    With Windows 11, Microsoft has finally redesigned the modern Settings app. The new Settings app uses a sidebar and breadcrumbs to help users easily navigate between different pages, and it also features new controls for customization, managing network, power usage, disk management, and more...
  2. DVDR_Dog

    Robo/Spam Call Filter

    I am sure I am not alone in getting untold numbers of calls for BS all day long. Does anyone here have some recommendations for a good program that possibly could be downloaded, don't need an exact URL, just the name and I will find it. Thanks!
  3. DVDR_Dog

    Microsoft shares Windows 11 TPM check bypass for unsupported PCs

    Not sure how to interpret this.
  4. DVDR_Dog

    PrivadoVPN FAIL!!!!!!

    Holy crap I was P2P a movie last night on a friend's Comcast line. I had PrivadoVPN (or at least I thought I did) enabled. 5 minutes after I completed the download they got a DMCA notice from Comcast! Well thank goodness I am not paying for that (cough-cough) service. I wouldn't waste my time...
  5. DVDR_Dog

    Eliminate Update Nag Box Internet Download Manager

    Any clues? I guess you could block it calling home to check but would that hobble the program? I just find it a royal pain even tho the program functions well as long as you don't try to update it.
  6. DVDR_Dog

    Busy Week

    Major VOIP carriers have been getting DDoS`d all week. The good news is governments have decided to unite against the extorsionware/ransomware groups and it sounds like they mean business. I was surprised to hear of the conviction of some guy in the U.S. running a website that offered attacks...
  7. DVDR_Dog

    Google Issues Warning For 2 Billion Chrome Users

    Using the most popular browser does paint a target on your back. Brave and Firefox even with their limitations don't look so bad after all.
  8. DVDR_Dog

    I Want My Windows 10 Features Back!!!

    Features no longer available in Windows 11 as requested by Windows 11 testers and reported via M/S feedback hub. (Thanks to Lawrence Abrams and Bleeping Computer)...
  9. DVDR_Dog

    The best free video editing software in 2021 It’s been sometime since we updated this. These aren’t Adobe Premier but for most, they get the job done. These programs are a good way to work yourself up to the more complex software.
  10. DVDR_Dog

    Here's a Cute Trick

    How to get elevated access to any Windows system. Now don't get any funny ideas, well don't cause much mischief but you could drive admins nutty.
  11. DVDR_Dog

    Microsoft kicks unsupported PCs out of Windows 11 preview program

    M/S is digging their heels in on this one. Meet the specs or you're out. I see where they are coming from with security in mind which it seems that's really what Win 11 is all about.
  12. DVDR_Dog

    iPads, and Samsung Tablets

    I have a fairly new iPad and a couple of Samsung Tablets. To be honest my good old Tab 2 T813 is one of my favorite devices. The folks at XDA provided me with the tools and knowledge to up the tablet to Android 10, Legend branch and it's awesome. Still has plenty of power, runs everything I...
  13. DVDR_Dog

    M/S Team Meetings Windows 11

    Just completed an interview with Team Meeting on my Win 11 laptop. Works great. I need to get brave and try installing some not so main line software now.
  14. DVDR_Dog

    Are VPNs Becoming Obsolete?

    More and more sites are either blacklisting or requiring that pain in the ass Captcha verification. Someone must be maintaining a pretty extensive list of VPN IP addys. Granted VPNs are useful for torrents, keeping your IP from being disclosed from users but that's about it. I couldn't imagine...
  15. DVDR_Dog

    CEO tried funding his startup by asking insiders to deploy ransomware

    What a dirtbag!!!!
  16. DVDR_Dog

    Microsoft releases the first official Windows 11 ISOs

    Bleeping Computer reports the first official Win 11 ISO has been released through the Insider program.
  17. DVDR_Dog

    Some Windows 11 ISOs are badly infected Be careful out there. Problem is the ISO file is too big for the likes of Virustotal. I'd stick to 1337x and read the replies carefully before making the leap.
  18. DVDR_Dog

    Has Microsoft Gone Goofy?

    Streaming Xbox: Microsoft has announced a new, cloud version of Windows 10 and Windows 11. An Android App...
  19. DVDR_Dog

    Open WRT any help?

    I have been staring at my Linksys wrt1900ac for years now. Don't get me wrong, it works quite well, I am not a gamer. I do like to fiddle around with stuff at times. I have a brand new Netgear something or other still in the plastic should I mess up so I don't mind taking a chance. Have any of...
  20. DVDR_Dog

    Windows 11 I Don't Get It

    I did an upgrade from Win 10 Pro to an i7 Dell Precision 7760 mobile workstation, or did I? Other than enforcing some Microsoft's security initiative hardware that really wasn't being implemented (it was on this Dell of mine with Win 10) what's the big deal? Microsoft has killed their readiness...