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  1. NickLAranda

    How To Get Girls To Kiss You

    Be hygienic, actually dress dont just put some cloths on, wipe all the smudges off your glasses if applicable, be confidence, kind, interested in the person you are interested in. Make them comfortable, listen to them, let them know you're interested in who they are as a person, not just some...
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    I used to use CCleaner, but Revo automates the repairing of registry + clean temp files + uninstall all in one go, instead of having to do each 1 by 1.
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    stuck at just a moment screen

    Could still be the BIOS, the 1809 windows update REQUIRES a lot of motherboards to have BIOS updates. I have a Dell e5440 and just recently they upgraded my BIOS for this update. Check your manufacture for BIOS updates, then check YOUR BIOS version. If there are ANY updates, even if NOT for...
  4. NickLAranda

    stuck at just a moment screen

    Oh you waited over an hour huh? Try 12 to 24 hours. Yes, windows updates ar totally garbage sometimes. Also, try pressing F10 after POST, or reboot during the windows logo 3 times to get into automatic repair mode. If automatic repair fails, or you're able to get into the recovery screen...
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    Windows 10 Pro 1903

    Windows 10 is SO much faster than ANY previous Windows. It's great. Thank you for spreading the good word!
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    Windows 10 upgrade primary HDD find windows key

    Just use Macrium Reflect to clone the HDD to your new SSD. You can clone DURING windows being booted thanks to Shadow Volume Copying. Uses exact cache files that are able to be refreshed just before cloning so that you'll always be accessing current files in the Volume Shadow Copy. So just...
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    Windows 10 Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot on PC is not working

    Which Android phone do you have, and what version of Android is it running? I can walk you through adjusting the Advanced settings for the Wifi network your phone emits, and make sure it's fast, compatible and has a new password that will work. Then, I'll walk you through what we can do in...
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    I LITERALLY just said to do that same thing.... You even quoted me. Hi Thailand! Welcome to the forums. Yes: Revo Uninstaller is a USER powerful tool that everyone should use.
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    Hello from Sisaket/Thailand.

    Welcome @Isaanbiker
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    Force Re-Check your torrent and let it redownload and finish. Then try re-installing. If you're still having issues, make sure all MSO are uninstalled. You should use Revo Uninstaller to uninstall all other MSO's on your machine. This is because after uninstalling, Revo will do a different...
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    Info ThumperDC/TheWindowsForum - Red alert!

    KMSpico, AutoKMS will activate and inject a working key to get genuine and activated status.
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    [Freeware] Updated Method for getting Windows Installer ISO's onto a CD, DVD or USB !

    Can you not hijack my thread? I mean, yeah more methods are good, but this is my thread. Please make a new thread if you want to discuss other methods or discuss when or why UEFI. This thread has nothing to do with WHEN or WHY or HOW to boot UEFI, I simply mentioned that this tool WILL be...
  13. NickLAranda

    Windows 1903 VIA Update

    Is this the one with that performance mode thing? Or that you can disable updates now? I forget lol
  14. NickLAranda

    uTorrentPatch [SpeedUP DL speed]

    Make a tutorial!
  15. NickLAranda

    uTorrentPatch [SpeedUP DL speed]

    So that older version is the last known good version of uTorrent? Why do you choose uTorrent over qBitTorrent?
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    Leecher from California, USA !!!

    Yo, what's up everybody? This yo boy NicholasLAranda! Since this forum has an introductions section, I will go ahead and post mine :D I am literally addicted to Technology. I always try to know a little bit about everything in as many fields as possible where technology is used. My main...
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    [Help] Dell Inspiron E5440 - Fan Pulsing Issues

    I can re-flow, I just got a heat-gun that has a small tip, but I can either order another smaller tip or get a ton of Kapton Tape if I need to mask other components for whatever reasons. I have tweezers but I need liquid flux. Where is this sensor? Do you have a schematic for this motherboard...
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    uTorrentPatch [SpeedUP DL speed]

    Does it still have the BitCoin miner????
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    [Freeware] Updated Method for getting Windows Installer ISO's onto a CD, DVD or USB !

    I have been using this method since this tool was released. I've tried many various Windows ISO's from 7 to 10 in any flavor [32, 64, multi, enterprise, home, technician, etc.] and I have never had this give me any issues. Boots in all systems UEFI and EFI / Legacy BIOS types. ----------...
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    uTorrentPatch [SpeedUP DL speed]

    Don't the ads annoy you? Are you using systems that require the small footprint of uT versus qBT? Does it really matter what I use? Couldn't I just for convenience install a browser extension? I bet there's one that allows .torrent and magnet= links to be displayed inside the browser's...