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  1. DVDR_Dog

    What is the best way to torrent?

    No way in hell.
  2. DVDR_Dog

    iboysoft data recovery

    Honestly I have never heard of this software. There are plenty of other solutions out there, check out 1337x. I hope like heck you made a forensic copy of that drive and using the mirror as a work disk. Any other way is asking for trouble. You didn't mention how you "lost" your HD but if it was...
  3. DVDR_Dog

    Autodata 3.45

    AKAIK Autodata crack will not work under Win 10. Prove me wrong, please.
  4. DVDR_Dog

    Windows 7 Is download thoptv for windows 7 safe?

    Technically THORPTV is just an aggregator, kind of on the fringe. Aiding and abetting but not committing any outright acts. Aggregators are like bunnies, they just will keep popping up all over. The links they provide can get the URL shut down but not a whole heck of a lot more.
  5. DVDR_Dog

    See How Trackers View Your Browser

    Test your browser to see how well you are protected from tracking and fingerprinting: A project of the EFF Can You Be Followed?
  6. DVDR_Dog

    TPM advice?

    Sure, no problem. There are other guides posted here in the forum, here's a link to another version of the same idea at Tom's Hardware. I wouldn't bother with the registry tweaks, too complicated, you might run into problems later. Bypass TPM, etc Win 11
  7. DVDR_Dog

    Windows 11 Installation assistant always fails with Error Code 0x8007000D during windows 11 installation.

    Sounds like you have a bad copy of the ISO. Try obtaining a fresh copy from a new source. There are untouched copies listed on 1337x and the usenet for 2 sources and I am sure there are others. You didn't state what form of media you are loading Win 11 from. Could simply be an error in the...
  8. DVDR_Dog

    Qbitorrent how to get the the best speeds without slowing down other users on my home connection

    Good stuff. Thanks for the tracker list. The upload speed isn't so critical on a symmetrical fiber line, very important with a asymmetrical cable line. It very easy to flood the upload side of a cable line and damage your download speeds when using P2P torrents
  9. DVDR_Dog

    Do I need a 3rd party antivirus for my windows system Y/N =NO

    Microsoft Defender for Windows is getting a massive overhaul Thanks Lawrence Abrams and the folks at bleeping computer. That being said I still prefer...
  10. DVDR_Dog

    5MB Hard Disk (1956)

    Moving up to 1990, somebody brought one of these in at a recycling event last weekend. Behold 1990's tech, 5.25" 3600 RPM and a smoking 41 MB of data. The drive had some weight to it too. Unfortunately this drive had to be destroyed as all media gets destroyed after first touch for security...
  11. DVDR_Dog

    Windows 10 How to stop permanently Windows 10 Updates

    I'm going to have to side with Thumper on this topic. If you want to decide what gets installed try this: Scroll down to "Make Windows 11/10 notify you before...
  12. DVDR_Dog

    Intel’s WIFI drivers have been causing Windows 10 BSOD

    Sometimes the update causes that problem. My rule of thumb is always download the drivers from the OEM's site. Those Win update or even the Intel/ AMD/ NVIDIA drivers should always be suspect if you are having troubles Unless you have a compelling reason, you might want to pass on the update.
  13. DVDR_Dog

    Activation Failed After Running KMS

    Ghazi I wish I could help you. I have no idea what's going on. Obviously something must be interfering with KMS. There has to be something going on with file permissions. The only thing I can think of is either your program files are not in the conventional location on the root drive or some...
  14. DVDR_Dog

    How To Check If Your PC Can Run Windows 11

    Not exactly. I have seen some pretty exhaustive benchmarking, some situations it's a tad faster, some a tad slower but really nothing to get excited about. I suspect the added security overhead steals a few CPU cycles now and then. To reply to Thumper's original post, it seems Microsoft has...
  15. DVDR_Dog

    Activation Failed After Running KMS

    You've got me brother. I am not a KMS expert by any means and I hope you followed the directions exactly (run as administrator, select 1). The 365 product is activated with a subscription is something I haven't seen, you might try uninstalling that and try it again. All I know is it should have...
  16. DVDR_Dog

    Autodata 3.45 Error

    You folks are aware that this program doesn't run on Windows versions later than 7 that I am aware of. It likes XP better. That said here is an alleged Win 7 workaround. I used to set up a system with Win XP for installs. Keep in mind it's a touchy dongle security patch. Next to a mandatory...
  17. DVDR_Dog

    Windows 10 Task View Action

    Good call. It's one of those privacy things that many of us don't know goes on. If privacy is your thing, do a little digging, you would be surprised what Google and Microsoft know about you if you don't disable those features.
  18. DVDR_Dog

    Quick Fix for Slow Internet in Windows 11

    Thanks for the reply. That's really bizarre that took place. I am sure you aren't alone with that problem, thanks for the share. Now I am really curious what's going on. It's got to be an anomaly with the AMD chipset. Hmmm.
  19. DVDR_Dog

    Halloween According to Lewis Black

    It's audio only. I don't think this bit was ever shot on video. Still makes me laugh.