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Adobe Illustrator 23 have no seeding


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Aug 7, 2022
Hey Thumper,

Thanks for uploading the latest version of Adobe Illustrator 23. Since yesterday, I was trying to download, but no seeding at all and it's stuck.


Can you please seed or give me a link to download.

Use the link posted on 1337x, just checked, plenty of seeders.
Are you using a VPN? What Torrent client are you using?
Based on those answers to the questions, try another server location for your VPN.
Make sure you have the Torrent client correctly bonded to the VPN protocol. It's gotta be one or another. Does your torrent client normally work well?
I can still see 0 seeders. I am not sure if I am allowed to post the link here or not.

I can still see 0 seeders. I am not sure if I am allowed to post the link here or not.

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I think you need to check how you have bound your client to your VPN. Seeders will blacklist some IP blocks and locations I have experienced that. Try a different country's POP and sometimes wham all these seeders appear out of nowhere. I had a bunch of seeders and good download speed when I used the link from 1337x just before I posted to this thread before. 1337x's seeder count is never right, I don't think it real time updates. All you see is the count when the listing was initially posted

UPDATE: The 1337x torrent for this program had 10 Mbs + available for download Thursday March 9.
Your VPN/download client needs a serious tune-up. Check out Reddit, there are subs there expressly devoted to that topic in much more detail and current info than this forum can provide.
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