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Bell 214B1


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Jan 3, 2018
The Bell 214B1 was created for use in Iran for hot and high altitude.
The most powerful single engine Helicopter ever made.
Fuel Burn is 600 litres an hour, 10 litres a minute.

Turbine Engine Lycoming T-53 2,850HP was in the early model Chinooks CH-47
Image.1 is 36 hours after we finished fighting fire with a 150' Long Line and a Bambi Bucket Jackson Hole Wyoming.
That is my Co-Pilot in the image. That was in 2009 the year after the GFC. The Aussie dollar was much higher than the US dollar.
I was rated for Rappelling.

Image.2 is two UH-1H Iroquois also called Huey's that was on Buka Island near Bougainville Island. (Google Maps)
We carried M-60's and M-240's 7.62 mm .308 Belt Fed.
On Bougainville Island I carried a M-14 which has shorter barrel compared to M-16, 30 round mags, .223 or 5.56mm and also a Browning Hi Power Pistol 9 mm.

The third one was taken in 1986 when I studying for my Helicopter Licence, Archerfield near Brisbane QLD Australia.
I flew in Australia, check ride in NZ, Indonesia, East Timor, Mexico, the USA , China, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea and Bougainville Island and New Caledonia.

The Two Fourteen had a climb limit of 2000' a minute for safety reasons, which means if there was an engine failure the Pilot would immediately set up for an Auto Rotation (Google)
Most American Military Helicopters have Indian Tribe names.
I had some really close calls when I was flying.


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Since you are on the subject, the helicopter was an integral part of the ground offensives SE Asia, The helicopter was useless in movement of troups in the Middle East, sand rendered them useless. Speaking of which, the V-22 Osprey "Widowmaker" was and continues to be developed in my area. It's just an aircraft that was thrust upon the US Marines and it's always fun to ask a Marines how they feel about that aircraft. It's a shame my area produces many of the greatest helicopters which are the backbone of the US military branches and the V-22 as well.
I totally agree, sand particles does serious damage to compressor blades, if filters are used they can reduce power.
I got my thoughts about the problems with the V-22 Osprey.
Those Turbine engines have tremendous power, and the diameter of the props is quite small compared to normal helicopters and in tight turns at low speed on approach for landing can result in Vortex Ring-State (Stall) which means the prop can lose all lift regardless of power. In Vortex Ring-State increasing power can make the situation much worse.
I just started dealing with a guy at work who retired from the US Air Force. He was a C5 Galaxy maintence crew. I will be working with him this week. He seems all fired up about that air frame.