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Computex 2024: Intel unveils Lunar Lake processors for AI PCs


Staff member
Nov 29, 2020
At Computex, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, in saying “AI is one of the most consequential eras of innovation the industry has ever seen,” introduced the company’s Lunar Lake client processor architecture to continue to grow AI PCs. The next generation of AI PCs, with unprecedented x86 power efficiency and no-compromise application compatibility – will deliver up to 40% lower processor power when compared to the previous generation. These Windows 11 AI PCs* will receive a free update to Copilot+ PC experiences when available. Copilot+ PCs are the fastest, most intelligent Windows PCs ever built. Powered by silicon running at over 40 TOPS (Trillion Operations Per Second), they arrive ready to accelerate your productivity and creativity with the latest AI tools. There’s Recall, which you can use to find anything you’ve seen on your PC instantly. There’s Cocreator, which enables you to create artwork from text prompts. And there’s Live Captions, which can provide subtitles for any spoken audio in real-time, translated into English from more than 40 languages. It’s a whole new way to use a PC, and it comes equipped with all-day battery life and the highest standard of Windows security available to help you work and play longer and safer. Find out more about Intel’s announcements at Computex. *Windows 11 AI PCs in this context refer to Windows 11 AI PCs that can receive the update with the Copilot+ experiences.

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