Detroit Diesel Diagnostic


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Jul 28, 2018
Hello, i'm trying to locate (Crack) portion of the download. I believe this is to be it but it is very vague:

TroubleShooting For DDDL 8.4
PM ME Sam102

Thanks Again
Run (1) Diagnostic Link 8.04.exe then
Run (2) GetIntID.exe then
open DDDL and get PID number put that into Diagnostic Link 8.04 where PID go's then set exp date
to anything you like. ((Click Just do it)). NOW open (3) Finalizer.exe and click the button
If it don't work the first time ((( DON't )))) change anything close Diagnostic Link down then click
the button on Finalizer.exe again Hope it works

Any help on how to actually crack this would be helpful.

Also i'm using Windows 10

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