exernal hdd not found


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Aug 1, 2020
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Hi peeps I've got a problem with an hdd used externally not showing itself in Windows? Since it once by accident fell on the floor it had some issues. I ran boot&nuke on it and all issues are now gone. Installed Windows on it so I know it works, but nevertheless when connected to my laptop via usb as intended external storage it doesn't show itself. What am I doing wrong here? I've have connected drives this way before and they were visible. Would be grateful for help solving this. :)


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Nov 5, 2018
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First NAB is not a diagnostic program. If a drive is really bad it will halt and return an error granted but it is and I stress no way a drive fitness program. The best bet is always to go to the drive manufacturer's site and use their tools.
IF the drive is good there are a few things going on. Not all outboard USB HD controller interfaces are the same. A true test of the drive is to hook it up directly to a SATA port.
Try downloading EaseUS partition master from their site, the free version is fine. Follow their instruction and see if you can create a partition on the mystery drive. Most times this will fix any remaining problems. NAB leaves a clean slate so to speak and since you are using an USB interface it may require a valid partition for Windows to see it. EaseUS doesn't require that.
Give that a try. I would recommend running a true drive diagnostic program on that drive before trusting it. It may very well be on the way out and NAB won't tell you that, that's not it's job.
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