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Nov 5, 2018
Windows 10
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Yes I reloaded my home system with Windows 7, long story but it's hardware related and it's Intel not M/S who is to blame.
My home system running Win 10 was starting to act funky. Too many installs and uninstalls of all kinds of programs and drivers for a variety of purposes. There comes a time as they say.
So here's the problem I had. I was running Win 10 with my flat screen TV as the monitor (about the only thing it's good for. Network TV stinks lately). The Intel Windows 10 software always had an adjustment to allow for TV's overscan. It was necessary thing search the term if you are curious.
For some reason Intel has eliminated that feature in the current driver software for Windows 10. It was there before because I used it. OK well I went back and D/L an older release. Guess what? The older software is now missing that feature as well. So though trial and error I came to find that Intel has removed that feature from all editions of their Win 10 video driver software. Now my home system is a SFF. I have tons of NVIDA and ATI graphics cards at my shop but no half height cards at home. So I was forced to install Win 7 and the Intel's graphics drivers. Intel hasn't fiddled with Win 7 software and probably never will.
So this weekend I will install a graphics card with overscan correction and be back on Win 10. Again those keeping score it was Intel not M/S that forced me backwards.
I should add that this is something really new. I did my previous Win 10 install May 25 2019 and the driver software worked fine. None of the current drivers from M/S (WDM), Intel, or Dell have overscan correction any more. I didn't try other manufacturer's Intel drivers, who knows they may work for now.
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