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Good advice about resetting Windows 10 and saving settings and drivers


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Just keep in mind sometimes driver are the problem. Then on the other hand sometimes the drivers that Microsoft serves up aren't always a good idea, so if what you have is working well, follow these instructions.
It's been my experience that you should always have the latest drivers that are tested and approved by your system's manufacturer. That goes for video drivers on touch screens in particular. If you install the OEM drivers and Windows wants to update them, so be it. Just letting Microsoft guess isn't always a good idea. Just keep in mind you need to install the OEM drivers BEFORE you connect the system to the Internet, otherwise Windows will automatically search for drivers. That means downloading and having all the drivers ready on a stick before you do the O/S install.
I keep 3 complete system backups from different times with AOMEI Backupper and rarely have to start from scratch.