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How To Get Windows 10 Start Menu In Windows 11


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La Patróna
Aug 18, 2010
Windows 10
Chrome 96.0.4664.45
ThumperTM submitted a new resource:

How To Get Windows 10 Start Menu In Windows 11 - How To Get Windows 10 Start Menu In Windows 11

With the newly launched Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced a new Start menu. As you might have noticed by now, the new Start menu is completely different from the Start menu in Windows 10.

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Start menu in Windows 11 vs. Windows 10​

The new Start menu in Windows 11 uses an entirely different layout. It shows pinned apps at the top and recommended and recent items appear at the bottom. In Windows 10, the Start menu shows apps (recently...

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It is clean. That new Win start menu (Win 10 or Win 11) is to confuse you need lot of search to find something but this one everything is on the plate like with OpenShell wich does not work on Win 11. :(
This method no longer works because Microsoft banned the change to the Windows 10 Start Menu after updating Windows 11 to build 22000.65.
That's OK StartAllBack works like a champ. Found it listed @ 1337x.
well, that is way easier without using Registry...

First - Taskbar settings
Personalization > Taskbar
you just choose "Taskbar alignment" and there you choose "Left"

et voilà - you have it like in Windows 10, not in the centre, tagged on the left.

It's funny (Well no, more like Microsoft behavior lately) how Windows 11 started out so radically different and now as time goes on Microsoft was loosened the grasp they had on 11 and every update looks like or at least gives the user the more options to return Windows 10 features. It's kind of comical that Microsoft "unofficially" released the hacks to allow circumventing the security requirements and makes to attempt to patch that hack.
At least lesson learned from the Windows 8 and Microsoft is keeping Win 10 alive and supported while Win 11 is being fine tuned.
I guess Microsoft understands they aren't necessarily the only game in town. It even appears they have circled the wagons around Office. They must have realized that Office in the business environment is their bread and butter. By keeping Office affordable to the home user, that continues universal acceptance and domination of that sector.
At least it's no longer Redmond's way or no way anymore.

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