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How to obtain Windows ISO when uupdump.net is dead for good


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Sep 13, 2020
uupdump.net is dead for good so you can not download new and updated Windows ISO anymore. But there is two possibility. You go here Official UUP dump app is here There is two applications. One is desktop uupdump-win32-ia32.7z one is web uupdump.7z.
In that archive you can find 3 scripts:
1. uupdump-run-website.cmd - this one just runs local server with UUP dump in your default web browser
2. uupdump-get-packs.cmd - this one generates metadata (packs) for manually added builds
3. uupdump-get-fileinfo+packs.cmd - this one downloads latest general builds data from Microsoft

for the first run:
1. run uupdump-get-fileinfo+packs.cmd and wait, latest general builds will be downloaded and saved in DB
2. run uupdump-run-website.cmd and use UUP dump in your default web browser as usual

So if you chose desktop app you should:
1. download and extract uupdump-win32-ia32
2. run uupdump-get-fileinfo+packs.cmd and wait 5 minutes
3. run uupdump.exe and never close it until you've got ISO
4. download any available build's zip file
5. extract zip file, run usual download cmd or whatever is there

If you use Web app then is first run
1. uupdump-get-fileinfo+packs
2. uupdump-get-packs
3. uupdump-run-website
Many thanks for the post Talaba. UUdump has risen from the ashes. The site has been rebuilt for the time being. It may be worth this site's while to archive this post in case this happens once again. It's the only way to access UUdump's routines should the site disappear again.
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It is interesting that I can not open it in Chrome. :mad::mad::mad: I got Discord address instead. But in Brave works. o_O:oops:o_O
PS I did deep clean of Chrome now it works. ;);):cool::)
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Yup. Dunno what that was. Thanks for making that script available.
It's back.......
uupdump.net is down again and has been down for the last few days

the google drive link is no longer working for your workaround

is it possible that anyone can re-upload it?

or even a cmd file generated by uupdump.net for windows 11 pro?

I was using this guide: https://www.tomshardware.com/how-to/create-custom-windows-11-install-disk to make a custom ISO a few days ago by removing a bunch of features I didn't want, I accidentally removed too many and broke some functionality so I wanted to give it another go but now uupdump.net isn't working and all the other ISOs I've tried to download (including through https://uup.rg-adguard.net/) have an * next to the internet components when I try to remove them from the ISO and they can't be removed. So if anyone can even share me a .cmd file that I can use, that would be awesome. Or any kind of workaround. Thanks.