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I am completely LOST!! PLEASE HELP!!!


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Apr 17, 2015
FIRST:I want to give thanks to any and all who may be so inclined to offer help. I am running windows vista home premium.
this all started on or around 4/8/15. I upgraded my wi-fi router no problems there,when i started every thing back up computer,routers, etc. when i got to the wireless printer(HP ENVY4500) i/it were having issues about connecting to the new network and being reconized by the computer.so i decide to start from scratch so i un & reinstalled the printer on my computer with semi sucess the printer had found the wi-fi network but wasnt "online"according to the computer.i troubleshoot various topics provided by the printer and windows help,to no avail.so i get online looking for help from the printers home site i must have gotten rerouted or some way i end up on a page with HP banners, adds etc.and totaly looking(at least with my frustrated frame of mind) legit.well there was a a toll free help number. AND HERE'S WHERE THE ROYAL UP MY REAR BEGINS.with false confidence that i have a REAL rep from HP and as it was constantly being repeted a Microsoft Partner, like the DUMB A** NOOB i apparently am he gets remote access to my computer for a total of maybe 5-7 minutes "showing" me registry errors, print spoolers that were offline and the like. something just didnt feel right so i terminated the remote connection and as quickly as i could shut the whole system down.since then nothing has been running quite right computer is running S-L-O-W!!! windows explorer is lagging ,"not responding", crashing. downloads are way way slow. now since then and as of yesterday 4/15/15 i have done two system restores. things seem to be slightly better as far as running speed goes but it isnt anything like prior to the remote access F-UP. now i do not have any real knowledge when it comes to the core programming(like comand promts,booting or rebooting or anything that has to do with black screen issues.so if anyone has read through this epic tale of a dummy who knows just enough to get his computer 100% F.U.B.A.R and you have thoughts on how to possibly fix this whole screwed up situation I GIVE YOU MY HEARTFELT THANKS AND GRATITUDE IN ADVANCE!!! :whythankyou:
also if you feel like just laughing at me i will understand....... :$ :rolleyes:


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Aug 27, 2015
sorry but I would completely wipe the hd and do a fresh install no information you have on your computer is worth the possibility of a bot net or keylogger or any other hacking information forwarding program being hidden in your operating system. To have a clean feeling and not have to worry about my digital life i would delete and restart. You can probably move your jpegs and docs, but outside of that i would let it all die.

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