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Illustrator always disabled by adobe after installation


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New Member
Nov 18, 2023
I had Illustrator installed and it ceased working. Then I dowloaded it from another torrent and it got disabled right after installation. I tried several version and the last one was TheWindowsForum's and the result was the same. There was a creative cloud process in my task manager so I shut it dow and deleted CC's folder, just to see. Even like that, adobe was able to spot me.

Does anyone here know what's the problem ?

Thak you so much
Not sure if this helps

you have to be specific when you talk about "year" versions (like 2020, 2021, etc), AND you have to be specific about Zii patch versions. Only certain app versions can be patched by certain Zii versions -- they don't mix willy-nilly. Some people find their apps updated "automatically" by Creative Cloud, then they try to go back and re-patch using the Zii version they had (or the "latest" on the web, anyway), and it doesn't work -- that's because there's a leapfrog effect between Adobe and Zii. You MUST wait for Zii to catch up with the Adobe app updates for the patcher to work.
Indeed, I forgot to mention. It's the 2023 windows version. Not all the cracks are from zii, are they ?
I tried sevral versions with several cracks. I got spotted everytime. Maybe they developped some kind of spy program that installs when they update the software and detect a modified dll but it's like no matter what I try in the end it's busted.
I shall ask a friend who never uses any adobe program to try one of the cracks and see what it does.
Or does what I'm telling you ring a bell already ?

Thanks !