I'm here to drink juice boxes and hack the planet


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Mar 4, 2019
… and I'm all out of juice boxes.

Actually, I'm a middle aged computer hacker and pirate from the Commodore days. "Hacker" in the sense that I love repurposing technology for things that it was never really intended for. I love emulators and homebrew and things that make computers a part of our lives and culture rather than just tools. And "Pirate" in the sense that I grew up trading floppies on a yacht ,traveling around the world listening to Jimmy Buffet and smuggling whatever was the greatest thing each place had.

I pledged allegiance to Jack Tramiel until the great Admiral resigned. I sat at the feet of Linus Tolvalds for some time but I donned the cloth and followed the church of Steve Jobs until our guru shuffled off his mortal coil, and now finally I find myself lost at sea, returning to the Microsoft fold long after Bill left to heal the kids. I continue to wait for the coming of the next apostle. In the meantime I'm a kindergarten and middle school teacher.

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