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Insane Deal on iPad


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Nov 5, 2018
Windows 10
So yesterday I come across this deal @ Tiger Direct on Slckdeals:
So come on now my GF's 7th Gen's battery is getting tired and she loves (ugh) the thing. For $225 shipped? No way!
So I jump on it and Tiger Direct accepts the order.
Now if you follow the Tiger direct link in the page I listed, it say out of stock, no backorder, no nothing.
The do now list the blue model @ $450 + $10 shipping (less 2 cents :rolleyes:).
Anybody care to wager on comment on the chances of getting this order delivered?
This should play out very well. I only had this happen once before with Northern Tools and needless to say I won't even consider them for anything.
BTW kind of off the subject but I have bought some "factory blemished" power tools from Direct Tools Outlet.
Sign up for their mailing list and watch for sales, they can get crazy. Factory blemished stuff? You could fool me and full factory warranty. The same tools they sell at Home Depot. Not jobber quality, but plenty good for home use. The place I moved into a year ago was remodeled by the DIY guy from hell. This was one of those "Help I ruined my house" places on TV so I needed a bunch of tools. Thankfully thru the years many of my friends were expert craftsmen in all kinds of trades and taught me plenty, I am a good listener. I passed along my auto/computer skills to them. The place is starting to look really great after completely ripping out a bathroom and replacing everything. Ripping a shitty, leaky, smelly, moldy job in the basement, cleaning and patching all the outer walls, a repaint but that's still a work in progress but dry, cleaned up still livable, just not done yet. Outside fence was an abortion, get my drift? So with a new job and home repairs I have been a little scarce lately. Hopefully that will change. I don't see much hope where I am working right now. They were bought out, fired all the management and all the good employees followed and quit. Moral stinks, no management and trying to do things the right way is a losing battle no matter how many times I point things out (nicely, just polite suggestions).
Thank goodness I have the skills that I still get a ton of emails from recruiters. The only thing is the current commute is really great and I would rather live in a cave than commute all the way into Philly just to get shot and pay ~ 3.5% city wage tax for nothing.

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