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Losing cracked VPN on Thumper's Avast Premier updating to 18.2.2328 & Firewall problem if no update


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New Member
Mar 31, 2018
Hello everyone

I hope someone can help me and if someone else got same problem help them to :(

wen i install Thumper's Avast! 2017 Premier 17.1.3394.0 + Keys [TechTools.ME] i get a cracked vpn that got no name to it but works great and also is the only vpn key that never gets refused that i have found in the WWW great job on that @ThumperDC and the Tech Tools team :aplause:

the problem i got is that the firewall not turning on taking avast out of passive mode even if it shows green on the components

the firewall problem get fixed if i reboot after the update but the cracked vpn and the avast premiere licenses disappear

for some strange reasson that i dont understand if i got Avast Cleanup Premium 2018 (v17.3.4040) Multilingual it's license take over and i get a working avast premium license good for 4000 plus days but the vpn licenses that takes over gets refused

if dont got that istalled they just disappear leaving me whit a trial that last only 28 days

so does anybody know a workaround for this problem
any suggestion is very welcome thanks

(if you like me and cant see the images on the post just right click them and click show on new tab)


New Member
Mar 31, 2018
ThumperTM post_id=100326 time=1522651282 user_id=2 said:

This is an old version, please checkout for newer version.

Good luck ;)


thanks for the reply
found this but it dont DL

never mind
i ended up using this one
at first i applied license the normal way but at reboot i lost license again
then applied license using their Host Patch offline
tested making 2 reboots offline and 2 reboots online
seams to be working fine for now ;)

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