Mobilism vs. LuluBox


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Nov 10, 2019
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If you're an Android user then you certainly want no introduction to the Google PlayStore. As most of us know, it is the most significant app store for Android software. But in this little tutorial, I will present a good alternate to PlayStore. This app is named Mobilism and it is available to download at no cost.

So, along with Google's very own Play Store, there are various alternatives such as these that you can use on your Android devices to find and install apps. Some app shops develop with their own unique features, whereas other app stores often offer fake apps. So if you are going to use an alternative app store, you need to do your research first.

Among the best known alternatives to the Google Play Store is the Mobilism app. Among other things, you will find your own program charts and collections of helpful applications from several categories. It's almost any Android program that Google PlayStore has. In Mobilism you can also acquire numerous programs that you can't locate in the Google Play Store.

Many Android users don't even know about Mobilism or even LuluBox. That's because, with Google contest has a hard time surviving together with the giant.

If you're going to use an alternate app shop like Mobilism, then you need to follow the following steps so as to set up APK files. The Android safety settings should first be changed so that the third-party stores and their programs can be set up. In the settings, there is the setting"Unknown Sources" under the Security preferences.



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Nov 5, 2018
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Thanks for the info.
I would like to add something I discussed with an IT college prof. I was on a hike with Sunday morning. Some of us here hang around some other people out there. For those of you who had to deal with all the infected PC users during the 2016 elections in the USA you have an idea where I am going. It was pretty bad and my department had a difficult time keeping up with infected systems. I knew the general source but that's not relevant now.

There have been more than rumors that phones will be the target during the 2020 elections. There have been some test Android framework viri sucessfully distributed via online pron sites and mind you there was no payload, just proof of concept. These frameworks will be available for sale or lease just like the round of PC viri in 2016. These can easily go mainstream and become a credible threat.

So here's the point. Google is having a hard time maintaining the integrity of it's play apps. This is the first time I have been made aware of these alternate sites. Keep in mind no one seems to be very aware of what's going on in their phone. Apps have access to all your contacts and phones maintain a 365/24/7 Internet connection. So knowing what you know, proceed as you wish. I keep apps on my personal phone at an absolute minimum, it's my lifeline. I have some other systems running Android to play around with. I have an Android A/V on my phone but not sure I trust it yet. Be careful.

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