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Need Advice Precision 7730 Freezes


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Nov 5, 2018
So I have this monster workstation: Dell 17" Precision 7730, i7 8850H, 64GB (4 x 16GB) DDR4 RAM, (1) Toshiba 512GB M2 NVMe SSD C Drive, (1) Kingston M2 NVMe 2TB SSD D drive. Graphics are an AMD WX7100 6TB DDR5 GPU.
So here's the deal. Usually IF I only load the long outdated Dell OEM graphics drivers, life is good. Now if I allow the Microsoft Update to load the WHQL drivers or worse go to AMD and load the latest WX7100 mobile drivers, all hell breaks loose. Even if I try to uninstall the card via the device manager, it still locks up before it gets a chance to delete. This was a machine I pulled from load of recycled systems from a very high end rich firm that usually trades everything @ 2 years old max. Disabling discrete graphics in the BIOS has no effect. I reseated the coolinhg fans, heat sink and used new high performance paste. Dell had used some white junk which was working but since I was in there, why not?
So my money's on the graphics card, if I want to replace it with a nVidia card it's going to cost me $120 in parts. Obviously before I shell out that kind of money I'd like to know if a new ard will fix the problem.
Seems this unit is very problematic https://www.dell.com/community/Prec...nstant-freezing-or-can-t-wake-up/td-p/7502474

Also for some disabling sleep mode and when the screen shuts off to never as well as when pressing the sleep button set to do nothing as well as when closing the lid set to do nothing has resolved these freezing issues for others.

Another issue I saw was the battery. Try running the unit without the battery and see if you get the same results if you do not clean the battery copper connectors both on the unit and the battery or replace the battery. Hope this helps.
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I reloaded it with Win 10 and was very careful the order I loaded the drivers. So far, so good. Not sure how I want to go with the video card or lack of. Dell basically told me they can't help which honestly is very uncharacteristic of Dell. Thing is this system is so darn powerful for a portable I really want to keep the thing going. It does kick some serious ass when it's working.
I tore it all the way down over the weekend and put it back together being really anal about every part of it. It is packing a pant load of power into a portable package and it is working 100% right now.