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Nov 5, 2018
So I start my new postition. I get it the company is rapidly expanding. Well I don't have a workstation, so I ask around. There is this older Dell Opti in a corner, only thing is it's running Win 7, I kid you not. One of the crack workers trying to grab a management position proclaims "Oh we need Windows 7 to run a program". I reply "no you don't, at worst run it in compatibility mode unless it's DOS. " It's not DOS yet she insists Win 7 is needed. So this is going to be fun or maybe a real short duration job. A look in their data closet made me laugh.
So the big boss is coming down Tuesday. I think he is smart enough to listen to reason. I can not do my job without a Win 10 system and a work bench, nobody can.I should add here is another company bought out by a capitol investment firm, a very dark cloud on the business community. My last employer just annouced even though the US has experienced record inflation, there will be no raises this year across the board. Cheap SOBs. Great way to increase productivity and company morale.