Not sure if my recovery partition is valid and bios query


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Aug 27, 2019
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Hello all I have just purchased Packard bell s2185 desktop preloaded with win 8, being new to win 8 I could not quite figure out how to create a recovery file on usb stick.
I have installed win 8.1 from windows app store and created a recovery drive on a 32 gig usb, I did not as I recall opt to delete recovery partition to free up more disk space? it appears my recovery drive is empty on the hdd, but I am not sure how exactly how to verify. free iphone ringtone

when I first start pc it logs onto ms for password, on the Packard website it states either press delete or f2 to bring up the bios screen on start up, this does not seem to happen.

I am assuming I would need the pc to boot up from the usb pen drive to do a recovery ,but would this take me back to win the original win 8 (as I created usb after the win 8.1 install and not the original win 8)

so not sure how I get into bios set up

thanks all I hope I posted in correct section. Download ringtones free at:
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