Notepad is Your Friend


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Nov 5, 2018
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This doesn't get mentioned enough. OK it's general knowledge but we have newcomers showing up here all the time.
If you ever have a file who's contents you are unsure of always try to open it up with notepad first.
There is nothing anyone can do to hurt your system from notepad. Even if at first the file's contents look garbled, look deeper. Sometimes you can get a clue that all isn't right with the file and you may save yourself a whole bunch of misery. I was taught that trick a very long time ago. I use it so much I forgot how important it is at times.
So if this is old news to you good. If not remember notepad. It's a great tool to have when dealing from files from sketchy sources.


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Nov 13, 2019
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Asalam -o-Alikum
Turn Any Browser into Notepad

1-open browser
2-click address Bar
3-Write it "data:text/html,<html contenteditable>"
4-Press Enter
5-Click below and type,Bold,Italic,and Enjoy.

Thanks for You Time.

Asalam -o-Alikum



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Jun 23, 2012
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that's cool
i used to use notepad on my desktop for shopping lists and to do lists
lately i've been using wordpad
i think i might like notepad better though
i'll probably wind up using abiword, haven't got around to installing it though
notepad is fun because it is so simple and loads really fast
wordpad loads fast though, and i kind of like the extra formatting, like doublespacing between lines, or 1.5 spacing maybe; but it doesn't do tables; i'm gonna install abiword; been a while
happy thanksgiving (and stay away from black friday, lol)
[turns out AbiWord quit developing around 2015 and there wasn't a direct download for Windows, so I got pApps going and copied the folder to my hard drive, then set windows to use that program to automatically run abiword when a related file is accessed, in this case my 'abitest.abw' file i placed on the desktop. So now I can use abiword to run .txt or .rtf if i like, or just save those files with abiword as .abw files. Anyway, it is nice but notepad is a bit simpler and I may just go back to it. IDK, having fun with options.
I tried using '' to lookup programs similar to abiword but mostly it was new stuff like 'libreoffice' and I didn't feel like trying any of it right now.
A viable alternative to notepad found in pApps would be 'notepad plus, or notepad+' as i recall.]
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