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Nov 5, 2018
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You know I have been talking to many different companies in regards to their current IT forecasts. One word keeps coming up, "Azure". I have been taking some seminars regarding Google Cloud and AWS Amazon's offering, but to be quite honest going with Azure as a SaaS (Software as a service) seems foolhardy. It just seems to me that putting all your eggs in Microsoft's basket is foolish. I haven't considered Azure but since our last president took to hating Jeff Bezos and shifted the contract to Microsoft (who didn't currently have the capacity) Azure became a buzz word. I guess in the layman's circle you sound intelligent.
So now when a perspective employer asks, "Do you know Azure?" which they all seem to ask, I am faced with a dilemma. After all these SaaS are driven by the cloud owner, all you need to know is the specific syntax for their service. To top that off all 3 are more than glad to hold your hand as you migrate to their cloud, it means big reoccurring income for them. So I guess I do the polite thing and just say, "Yes I do" and leave it at that.
Honestly I am not sold one bit on these cloud initiatives. These providers paint a huge target on their backs and as we have seen lately, even supposedly secure services that are essential for day to day existence have been compromised. I take great steps to insure all important data is off loaded to stand alone storage media that sits in the corner away from any computers for the networks I administer. It's only that kind of vigilance and caution that protects your day to day operations. The cloud? Who knows what's going on and what kind of redundancy they really provide. Not that I am accusing any company of misrepresentation but what sounds good on paper ain't always so.
Saas does kind of spell the end for us pirates at least for the time being, but we will figure something out, and I predict if needed other competitive stand alone products will be developed into top applications out of customer need.

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